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CUEB Holds First Talentics Development Seminar

Author:Translated by Liangjue, Proofread by Lu Ni Editor:Yang Jun Publish:2016-12-05 Size:TTT

On November 24th, "the First China Talentics Development Seminar” organized by the School of Labor Economicswas held at CUEB. More than 60 people attended the seminar, including famous domestic experts and scholars of talentics, representatives of news media as well as teachers and students from domestic universities.

The seminar kicked off at 8:00 am and was chaired by Prof. Xu Bin, dean of Talent Development Department of the School of Labor Economics. Prof. Xu Bin, an expert of talent innovation and development in domestic talentics, is the author of Talent Innovation Thinking and NLP and Coaching Leadership. He first extended the greatest welcome to all experts and scholars on behalf of the Talent Development Department of CUEB and then introduced the theme of this meeting "Innovation and Development of Chinese Talent".

Later, Zhou Mingsheng, director of the Postgraduate Division, delivered a speech. Prof. FengXiliang, dean of the School of Labor Economics, attended the meeting and made remarks. He said that talentics was an emerging discipline and student enrollment started at CUEB in 2012. A group of supervisors and scholars are devoted to the development of talentics. He firmly believed that on aninter-disciplinary basis, these scholars would transform talentics to a discipline with distinct features and unlimited room for development.

Tong Yufen, doctoral supervisor, deputy dean of the School of Labor Economics and executive director of the China Talents Research Association, delivered a report titled Analysis of Talents’ Spatial Agglomeration and Influential Factors in Capital Area. First of all, Tong Yufen elaborated on the emergence and definition of the concept of capital area. Then she introduced the characteristics of talents concentration in the capital area and the concept measurement of the talents. She moved on to put forward her own measurement model. Finally, she analyzed the talents spatial agglomeration status and influential factors from the macro, meso and micro perspectives.

Prof. Yang Heqing is the founder of domestic doctor and master degrees in talentics, vice president of China Human Resource Development Association, China Association For Labour Studies, and China Talents Research Association, former deputy director of the Academic Committee of CUEB, former dean of the School of Labor Economics, and doctoral supervisor. Prof. Yang Heqing delivered a speech titled Thoughts on Development of Talentics and gave a comprehensive introduction to the background and process of the foundation of talentics with personal experience. Based on labor economics, a national key discipline, he worked with the Chinese Academy of Personnel Science and took the lead in establishing the master and doctoral degrees in talentics in 2011. Yang Heqing elaborated on the pattern of disciplinary development, relations between talentics and other adjacent disciplines, focus of disciplinary growth, and then talked about the specific ideas on the research direction for the Talent Development Department and how to provide theoretical support for the reform of the state personnel system.

Finally, experts and teachers from the Talent Development Department also shared their insights and ideas.

Several media journalists from People's Daily, Guangming Daily, China Personnel Newspaper and China Talents, etc., also attended the seminar on invitation. 

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