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Party Secretary Feng Pei Meets With Moazam Mahmood Deputy Director at Research Department of ILO

Author:Translated by Lu Ni, Proofread by Zhang Yijie Editor:Yang Jun Publish:2016-12-19 Size:TTT
On December 13th, Party Secretary Feng Pei met with Professor Moazam Mahmood, deputy director at the Research Department of ILO. The two sides held discussions on strengthening academic exchange, research cooperation, and talked about how to strike a balance between economic growth and stable employment, etc. Vice President Xu Fang also attended the meeting.

Feng, on behalf of CUEB, extended his warm welcome and briefly introduced CUEB to Mahmood. He introduced that the School of Labor Economics in CUEB hada long history, strong disciplinary foundation and great research strength. He hoped that CUEB could further high-level academic cooperation with Professor Mahmood in the context of globalization, so as to strengthen the faculty team-building, scientific research and innovation ability of the School of Labor Economics, to broaden the students’ global horizons and build communicative skills, and to increase the international academic influence of CUEB.

Mahmood said, China had made great contribution to global poverty reduction and set up a good example for the international community. Meanwhile China should also dialectically learn from the successful economic growth models of western developed countries, properly handle the relationship between market’s role and government intervention, between labor rights and economic growth and so on. He hoped to carry out research with teachers fromthe School of Labor Economics, and conduct in-depth studies onhot issues such aslabor relations and economic growth in China’s economic transition.

Dean Feng Xiliang of the School of Labor Economics expressed his thanks to Mahmood for his lecture on global labor relations and market inthe current international situation. He expressed his hope to havelong-term and in-depth academic cooperation with Mahmood, and to build an international platform for prestigious scholars to conduct research and cooperation on labor relations.

Professor Moazam Mahmood graduated from Oxford. He has worked at ILO for 22 yearsand now serves as the deputy director at the Research Department of ILO. His main research interest is comparative labor market studies in the context of globalization, employment, unemployment and so on. 

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