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Delegation of University of South Florida Visits CUEB

Author:Translated by Zhang Yijie, Proofread by Zhang HX Editor:Yang Jun Publish:2017-02-27 Size:TTT
On January 19th, Xu Fang, CUEB vice president, met with Roger Brindley, vice president and Glen Besterfield, assistant vice president of University of South Florida at Bona Building, and the two sidesreached a preliminary consensus on cooperation and exchange programs.

Firstly, Xu welcomed Roger and Glen to CUEB and introduced the university. Xu said the two universities signed cooperation MoU in 2011, and reached a preliminary consensus on the joint training program of business administration undergraduate students, and hoped that the two sides could actively promote cooperation and expand the field of communication.

Roger Brindley agreed with Xu and briefly introduced the University of South Florida. He stressed that scientific research strength of the University of South Florida is among the top 30 in US public schools. Each year the university accepts nearly 200 foreign scholars from around the world to study and carry out scientific research cooperation, and the university also attaches great importance to international talent training. He hoped that clear intention of cooperation between the two sides through talks would actively promote and support the exchange programs and open a new chapter of cooperation.

Afterwards, Liu Xuexin, dean of CUEB School of Business Administration, Yin Zhichao, dean of School of Finance, and Zhang Jie, deputy dean of School of Urban Economy and Public Administration respectively introduced the basic situation of their schools and international cooperation and exchange programs. They highlighted the all-English programs of undergraduate and graduate education. Roger highly appreciated these programs, which laid a solid foundation for undergraduate students to exchange at CUEB. The two sides communicated in-depth and reached a preliminary cooperation consensus in aspects like long term and short-term undergraduate and graduate students joint training, visits and exchange of teachers, and characteristic scientific research cooperation. The two universities decided that in the next step, a cooperation MoU would be renewed as soon as possible. They will communicate in-depth and carry out the substantive cooperation between the schools and departments of the two sides.

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