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14 Outstanding Foreign Teachers Join CUEB Family

Author:Translated by Chen Shu Yi,Proofread by Li Bing Editor:Yang Jun Publish:2017-09-26 Size:TTT

In the new term,14 foreign teachers joined CUEB to teach College English for non-English majors and courses for English majors. All fromEnglish-speaking nations, they are from different professional backgrounds and rich in teaching experience. 

Some of them have English language and literature as their fields of studies. Others excel at financial and business English with master degrees of marketing management, economics, accounting, journalism and international education. There are also cross-cultural veterans who have taught in Europe or Asia for a long time.

Jesse Barkin used to work for universities and media like Los Angeles Daily Journal, thus versed in writing and teaching. Charles Compton masters Chinese, Spanish, French, Korean etc. Cormac Mooney once worked in a Chinese SOE as a chief interpreter. Apart from teaching and professional expertise, some of them have made achievements in music and sports. Anthony once composed music for two feature movies and performed in various concerts as a musician or a singer. Kevin Neumann used to be a coach for NCAA DIIIHockey League.

The employment of foreign teachers is an important step in college English reform for undergraduates, aiming to advance the internationalization of English teaching in CUEB. The 2016 CUEB Reform Scheme of College English for Undergraduates specifies that students’ personalized and diversified needs should be satisfied and language application ability be strengthened. In accordance with the scheme, School of Foreign Studies has established a stage-oriented, type-oriented and level-oriented instructional system. After an English placement test, students will take separate English courses based on their test scores and education plans. School of Foreign Studies, accordingly, arranges courses for international classes, distinctive classes and regular classes. The school provides one-year English courses to international classes with six periods a week and two-year courses to distinctive classes and regular classeswith four periods weekly. In the second year of regular classes, students are free to choose in course categories like academic English, cross-cultural communication, spoken English, public English exams training etc. 

The foreign teachers will undertake a portion of college English courses such as Spoken English and Listening and Speaking in regular classes and Integrated English Course for distinctive classes, experimental classes and international classes, as well as some featured courses for sophomores. Besides, they will also offer courses, such as Survey of the UK and the USA, Basic English Writing, Business Forum, Speech and Debate, British and American Literature, to English majors.

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