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CUEB Holds Faculty Karaoke Competition

Author:Translated by Wang Qi,Proofread by Li Bing Editor:Wan Chenfang Publish:2018-10-22 Size:TTT

On October 15th, with the melodious song Legend , the faculty karaoke competition of CUEB drew a conclusion at the Cultural Activity Center. Xu Fang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Labor Union, and leaders of all Schools, were present at the competition. Teachers from the Central Conservatory of Music and China National Opera House, and Zhu Yuhua, former Deputy Secretary of CUEB Party Committee, were invited as the judges.

One first-prize, 2 second-prize, 3 third-prize and 5 honorable-prize winners came out in the fierce competition, and Xu Fang and Zhu Yuhua presented awards to them.

The competition, which was divided into the preliminaries and finals, attracts many faculties. 37 contestants from 15 subsidiary labor unions participated in the competition. The singers practiced diligently for the finals, and showed their best on the competition. Their beautiful voice brought down the house.

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