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CUEB Holds 1st International Culture Festival

Author:Translated by Yan Run Proofread by Li Bing Editor:Zhang Qiaoyan Publish:2015-12-10 Size:TTT
On November 28th, CUEB 1st International Culture Festival took place in exhibition center, Hongmiao Campus, during which over six hundred international students participated in the exhibition and the art performance.



At 10:30 a.m., International Culture Festival kicked off and overseas students from 28 countries decorated the booths. President Wang Jiaqiong and Vice President Xu Fang visited all the booths, having a cordial talk with students and tasting traditional foods made by students themselves. The exotic exhibition, showcasing education outcomes of students, history, cultures, lifestyles, clothes, foods and handicrafts of 28 countries, as well as cultural experience activities, attracted lots of students in and out of CUEB. Further more, the exhibition also invited CUEB School of Culture and Communications, Languages Club and Fenghuang Hanfu Club, who provided fun games for audiences and presented Chinese culture. At the festival, participants could taste special foods made by international students, try national dresses and experience different cultures and customs. All this experiences made audiences feel like walking in a mini Expo of CUEB.

At 3 p.m., art performance of CUEB 1st International Culture Festival debuted, with no seats vacant in the second floor of exhibition center. Vice President Xu Fang, as well as leaders from related departments and divisions, watched the show. The art performance started with Chinese orchestra performance of A Moonlit Night On The Spring River. The following was distinct dances by international students from Korea, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Samoa and other countries. Then the show came to a deep and melodious music of horse-head string instrument by Mongolian students, which touched the hearts of audiences. The national clothing show, in which students from over 30 countries in their own traditional clothes came on stage, received warm applause. What’s more, remix of English songs from Foreign Language Department and play of saxophone from School of Economics were also impressive. The lucky draw pushed the atmosphere to a new high. The art performance ended with the song Salute by Fuda, a Cameroon student.

The festival was organized by CUEB School of International Education and Chinese Communist Youth League CUEB Committee, and co-organized by School of Culture and Communications, School of Economics and Foreign Language Department. It also enjoyed support from school leaders and attracted officials of Samoa, Armenia and other embassies,

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