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Inaugural Meeting of CUEB Australian Alumni Association held in Sydney

Author:Translated by Lu Ni ,proofread by Li Bing Editor:Zhang Yijie Publish:2016-09-26 Size:TTT

On September 11th, the inaugural meeting of the first overseas Alumni Association of CUEB--the Australian Alumni Association, was held in Sydney. More than ten alumni working and studying in Australia attended this meeting.

Li Tao, a student of Engineering Economy major who graduated in 1984, was selected as the first chairman of the association. Graduate student Wei Liqian who majored in Accounting and graduated in 2000 was selected as the first secretary-general and executive vice chairman. Another alumnus called Tian Peng, an Economy major who graduated in 1996, was also appointed as an executive vice chairman. Guests attended the meeting include Niu Wenqi, educational counselor of the Consulate-General of China in Sydney, Consul Liu Wenwu, Ross Cameron, former parliamentarian of Common Wealth of Australia and deputy minister of Financial Department, and the delegates of Chinese University Association in Australia including Yan Zehua, Tu Weiping, Feng Qihong, Zhou Xia and so on. All the guests extended their congratulates to this meeting. Wei Liqian was the host of the meeting.

Firstly, Wei introduced the teachers from alma mater CUEB and all the guests, and then Zhao Xiling, secretary-general of CUEB Alumni Association made an explanation of the rules in selecting candidates for the first leading group for Australian Alumni Association, and announced the list of candidates for the positions including chairman, executive vice chairman, vice chairman, secretary-general, and vice secretary-general. Candidates were asked to make a brief introduction of themselves, and after that, they were all voted through.

The first chairman of the association Li Tao expressed thanks to the school’s trust on him, and to every delegate’s support for the inauguration. Australian Alumni Association is not only a fraternity, but also a platform for exchanges. In this association, alumni can help and promote each other to make common progress. With the coming of the 60th anniversary of our alma mater CUEB, we wish our school a brighter and more brilliant future, and outstanding students everywhere.

Counselor Niu congratulated on the inauguration of CUEB’s first overseas alumni association. He said that as a new member of the Chinese University Association in Australia, the CUEB Australian Alumni Association will strengthen the ties between alumni in Australia, help the Consul General of China in Australia to carry out work, and make CUEB be more internationalized. Counselor Niu hoped that the association would not only contribute to CUEB, but also to China, Australia, and the cooperation between the two countries. He also wished that deeply rooted in CUEB, our alumni can spring up like blooming blossoms around Australia.

Ross Cameron, former member of Australia Federal Parliament, and deputy Minister of Finance said he was delighted to be invited to witness a milestone in CUEB’s 60-year history. He called his son and asked him to make greeting in Chinese. Ross’s 17-year-old son said his father’s impression of China was deep and he often told him to learn Chinese well so that he would get better development opportunities in the future, so he began to learn Chinese from middle school. Ross said Australia could not develop without the support from China; Alumni of CUEB with good educational background, sense of adventure and fighting spirit woudld be able to gain a lot in Australia.

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