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International Cultural Festival was Held to Celebrate the 60th Anniversary of CUEB

Author:Translated by Lu Ni, proofread by Zhang Huixiang Editor:Yang Jun Publish:2016-10-24 Size:TTT
The second international cultural festival was held on October 16th in Jingmao Square. During the festival, international students from 29 countries shared their food and culture, gave great performances and so on. Different cultures melted together, having created a harmonious and friendly atmosphere.

As an important part in the celebration of 60th anniversary, the second international cultural festival not only successfully embodied CUEB’s international development in recent years, represented its international vision, showed diversified campus culture, but also provided a platform for mutual understanding and cultural exchanges among different regions. The international cultural festival has become an activity mainly organized by international students, aiming at enhancing mutual understanding and promoting friendship between them, and now it has greatly enriched the international students’ extracurricular life.

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