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Delegation from Moscow International Higher Business School Visits CUEB

Author:Translated by Dong Li,Proofread by Li Bing Editor:Yang Jun Publish:2017-09-26 Size:TTT

On Sept.20th, Feng Pei, CUEB Party Secretary, and Xu Fang, CUEB Deputy Party Secretary, received Rector Maxim Zhivaev, Principal of Moscow International Higher Business School (MIRBIS), Prof. Natalia Pecheritsa, Director of International Department and Asia-Pacific Research Center and other delegates at Hechang Hall,Boyuan Building. Against the backdrop of the Belt and Road Initiative, both sides consented to bring the partnership to a new level by promoting student and teacher exchange as well as collaborated research. Furthermore, the inter-university cooperation agreement was renewed.

Feng Pei extended warm welcome to Principal Rector Maxim Zhivaev. Recently, he said, with accelerated economic globalization and IT application, the Internet and e-commerce have already become a major driver of social and economic growth, making it an imperative for the traditional business discipline to shift to an inter-disciplinary development model. Secretary Feng Pei pointed out that MIRBIS, as one of CUEB’S major partners in Moscow, tops the list of private business schools in Moscow. He looks forward to deepening our relations and co-fostering multidisciplinary talents in economics and business to adapt to the changing global economic landscape.

Mr. Rector Maxim Zhivaev, on behalf the delegation, expressed his thanks for CUEB’s gracious hospitality, and briefly introduced MIRBIS. He mentioned MIRBIS’s commitment to furthering cooperation with CUEB and spoke highly of the vision of interdisciplinary development put forward by Feng Pei. The Principal also encouraged faculties from both sides to strengthen academic exchanges, and invited CUEB students to study at MIRBIS’s MBA program and attend short-term MBA training courses in Moscow.

Since the partnership was officially established in 2011, the two sides have already harvested fruitful results in the co-training of MBA talents, academic exchanges among faculties and so on, as Xu Fang said. CUEB would like to take advantage of its role as the Belt and Road National Talents Training Base and a member of the Association of Sino-Russian Economic Universities to tighten bilateral pragmatic cooperation with MIRBIS. She added that both sides should increase the number of exchange students, improve mechanism for mutual visits by teaching staff, and set up China-Russia economic and trade research centers.

Xu Wei, vice dean of the School of Business Administration, briefly reviewed the cooperation accomplishments of MBA projects. In 2013, the MBA center of CUEB and MIRBIS co-organized the President Training Program in Beijing, which was tailored for senior management personnel in Russian financial sector. In 2013 and 2014, MIRBIS sent outstanding professors to give lectures in CUEB. Xu wished to cement cooperation with MIRBIS by conducting joint-education in dual-degree MBA programs and seeking cooperation in DBA and EMBA programs. 

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