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Former French Finance Minister Edmond Alphandery Conferred CUEB Honorary Professorship

Author:Translated by Sun Lei,Proofread by Li Bing Editor:Yang Jun Publish:2017-09-26 Size:TTT

On the afternoon of Sept.14, former French Finance Minister Edmond Alphandery visited CUEB and received honorary professorship from the university before delivering a keynote speech.

Feng Pei, Secretary of the CPC CUEB Division, sincerely welcomed Edmond Alphandery and highlighted his major achievements to the audience. Then Feng introduced to him the major accomplishments and overall development of the university. As Mr. Feng confirmed, CUEB puts its international approach to education high on agenda and will continue to pool global wisdom with an international vision, nurture talents that are globally competitive and uplift educational capacity to international standards. Alphandery’s rich experience and vast store of knowledge is promised to broaden CUEBers’ horizons and serve as an invaluable catalyst to CUEB’s progress in financial discipline growth, international faculty reserves, research cooperation and personnel training on the global stage.

Following his opening remarks, the Secretary presented the Letter of Appointment of CUEB Honorary Professor to MR.Edmond Alphandery, who made an acceptance and gratitude speech afterwards. The veteran statesmanis immensely impressed by China’s eye-catching economic success over the last 30 years, and he is honored to be a part of CUEB. Despite his involvement in the fronts of academia, politics and business, it is teaching where his blazing passion lies. He looks forward to opening a financial course in the future and engineering a path for CUEBers to appreciate the evolution of the global economy with advanced theoretical angles.

After the conferring ceremony, Edmond made a keynote speech titled Macroeconomic Equilibrium Analysis of Economic Policies: A Focus on the Eurozone and Japan, in which he first reviewed the fundamentals behind equilibrium of balance of payments and monetary market equilibrium. He argued that these basic principles hold the key to making of the Eurozone’s North-South gap in the European debt crisis. He later used diagrams to illustrate how various factors play their parts in the process. According to him, accounts deviation in the Eurozone’s North-South and the crumbling confidence people there had in euro were the two overriding causes for the European debt crisis. At last, Edmond gave us his own understanding of the relationship between the property bubbles hitting Spain and Ireland during the European debt crisis and the American real estate bubbles created by the subprime mortgage crisis.

Mr. Edmond Alphandery also took questions from present teachers and students at the end of his presentation.

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