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School Records for Celebration of 60th Anniversary of CUEB Released

Author:Translated by Zhang Yijie, Proofread by Lu Ni Editor:Yang Jun Publish:2016-10-24 Size:TTT
On October 11th, the news conference of the release of CUEB School Records for the celebration of its 60th Anniversary, Culture Book Series, Alumni Interviews and the Centennial Anthology of Ren Fushan was held in the Press Conference Hall of Boyuan Building.

The School Records of CUEB is the first historical recording of CUEB.It has about 2 million words, covering the essentials and overview of the history of running a school for 60 years.It records the events during the process of development, school leadership system and the structure of organization, disciplines and professional degrees, including 15 parts and 89 chapters, an objective recording of the school’s history.

CUEB ’Culture Book Series’ has three volumes: Memory of CUEB (Part 1), Illustrated Books of CUEB, and Collection of Paintings and Calligraphy of CUEB. They show the long history, outstanding figures, fruitful outcome and profound culture of CUEB by vivid pictures and elegant words, and the three books reflect the spirit of students and teachers in our school from different perspectives.

Alumni Interview(Part 2) is a sequel to Alumni Interview(Part 1) issued in the 50th anniversary of CUEB, which is an important embodiment of school tracking the footprint of alumni for long time,which shows its care for alumni with totally  61 articles. This book is a collection of the stories of senior leaders, senior teachers and alumni of all ages.It shows the style and achievements of alumni.

The Centennial Anthology is another work of Mr Ren Fushan following his Nighty  Anthology. As one of the founders of the discipline of Labor Economics,a participant and witness of the 60-year school running course, 101-year-old Mr Ren shows the diligence, openness and the optimistic attitude of the older CUEBers, which are valuable spiritual wealth of CUEB.

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