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CUEB Hosts 3rd Annual Meeting of Labor Economics Association

Author:Translated by Wang Qi,Proofread by Li Bing Editor:Wan Chenfang Publish:2018-10-29 Size:TTT

On October 20th, the 3rd annual meeting of the China Association of Labor Economics was held at Zhuoyu Lecture Hall in CUEB. The theme of this annual meeting was “Innovation-Driven Development and Human Resource Development”. It was co-sponsored by the China Association of Labor Economics (hereinafter referred to as Association) and organized by the School of Labor Economics of CUEB. Professor Xu Fang, CUEB Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President of the Association, presided over the opening ceremony.

Professor Feng Pei, CUEB Party Secretary, affirmed the relevance of this forward-looking meeting in his speech, and noted that it was of great significance for CUEB to hold this meeting. He pointed out that as a cradle of domestic labor science discipline, CUEB not only paves the way for the discipline’s growth with its profound academic legacy, but also leads the way for cutting-edge studies with its national key discipline of labor economics. As a result, CUEB is confident to bring the meeting to the next level. The university gave priority to notching up the studies of “innovation-driven development on human resources and talent” with business insiders, opening a new chapter of China’s labor economics development. Feng Pei said that the annual meeting was regarded as the highlight of the series of academic activities “commemorating the 40th anniversary of Reform and Opening up”, and wished the annual meeting a complete success.

Zhang Chewei, Head of the Institute of Population and Labor Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Chairman of the Association, advocated that labor economists should make solid strides to study original theoretical and institutional innovation, also step up efforts in policy explanation and people’s livelihood improvement. They should adhere to the mission, be rigorous in academics, and base theories on reality, and work together for people’s good life and the great rejuvenation of the nation.

Professor Wen Kui, former President of CUEB, was also invited to address in the meeting. As the former director of national key discipline of labor economics, Wen Kui reviewed the journey of the development of labor science, sorted out the discipline development system, and also talked about the direction and priority of labor science development in the new era. His message is a great academic inspiration for the participants.

Afterwards, the meeting proceeded with 3 keynote sessions. Wang Tongxun, researcher of the Chinese Academy of Personnel Sciences, Mo Rong, Deputy Dean of the Chinese Academy of Labor and Social Security and other 10 experts at home and abroad, gave keynote speeches.

In addition, eight parallel sessions were set up at the annual meeting. On the afternoon of the 20th, representatives conducted extensive and in-depth discussions on topics such as “Human Resources Development and Management” and held the founding ceremonies of Human Resources Branch Association, Talent Development Branch Association and Labor Relations Branch Association.






The annual meeting also presented awards to authors of outstanding paper. Zhang Chewei, Qian Wei and Liu Xiangbing presented the awards. Xu Fang made a reviw of the meeting and pointed out that this event’s features can be summarized as “high level, all dimensions and new trends”. After successfully completing all the items on the agenda, the annual meeting drew to a successful end at the noon of the 21st, and Zhang Chewei made a closing speech.



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