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Party Committee Organization Department, United Front Affairs Office, Party School

As one of the Party and government departments at CUEB, the Division of Party Committee Organization and United Front Work is in charge of the following duties:

l  Carrying out work plans by its superiors, devising Party organization and development schemes, overseeing implementation of the schemes and reviewing work done

l  Managing the education of CPC membership applicants, recruitment of new members and ideological education

l  Training, assessing, electing and appointing/removing leadership at the divisional level, leading the development of cadre reserve

l  Communicating with returned overseas Chinese, families of overseas Chinese and relatives of compatriots in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan

l  Keeping updated with members of the United Front, especially senior intellectuals outside the Party

l  Assisting the Party Committee in ethnic and religious work

l  Directing the Research Institute of Party Development 

l  Performing other tasks entrusted by Party superiors and the university.