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Party Committee Publicity Department (News Center)
As a functional division under CUEB Party Committee, the Party Committee Publicity Department (News Center) is dedicated to the university’s ideological and political education, news & publicity as well as campus culture promotion. Currently, the Party Committee Publicity Department (News Center) is in charge of four major campus media—CUEB Gazette, CUEB News Site (news.cueb.edu.cn), CUEB TV and CUEB Radio. It has been approaching its work with the following guidelines — “Under the guidance of Deng Xiaoping Theories, Three Represents and Scientific Outlook on Development, we are committed to supporting CUEB’s core missions by strengthening faculty and students’ ideological and political education, informing the public correct information, promoting cultural and ideological progress and preparing competent contributors and successors to the socialist cause.” Its mission is to equip faculty and students with scientific theories, guide them with correct ideology, shape them with noble spirits and inspire them with outstanding cultural works.

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