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Commission for Discipline Inspection , Supervision Department

As a functional body under the CUEB Party Committee, the Division of Discipline Inspection and Supervision conducts intra-Party discipline monitoring under the leadership of superior discipline authorities and CUEB Party Committee. Specifically, its responsibilities include the following:

l  Supervising CUEB Party structures and members in their compliance with Party disciplines and implementation of CPC’s directions, policies and resolutions

l  Carrying out education on Party integrity and assisting the CUEB Party Committee in implementing “Rules of Clean Governance”

l  Accepting visitors and letters from the public, responding to complaints and reports regarding misconducts of Party structures, members and staff members under administrative supervision

l  Accepting appeals from Party structures, members and other staff members against punishment decisions, protecting their legal rights


l  Conducting targeted supervision over issues of particular public concern like student enrollment, infrastructure projects, tendering for commodities and equipment as well as leader elections.

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