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Office of Student Affairs

Under the leadership of CUEB Party Committee and administrative leaders, the Division of Student & Military Affairs is in charge of the university’s student and military affairs as its name suggests. The Division comprises five offices and their respective responsibilities are as follows:

n   Office of Ideological and Political Education:

l   Carrying out routine ideological and political education for students

l   Conducting eligibility assessment and reviewing political records

l   Organizing thematic education activities

l   Providing psychological consultancy and education

l   Strengthening the team of counselors

n   Office of Student Affairs Administration:

l   Administering scholarships, fellowships, work-study programs and student loans

l   Organizing routine management and administering punishment of discipline violation

n   Office of Employment:

l   Offering employment guidance and support

n   Office of National Defense Education

l   Organizing national defense education, military training, soldier recruitment and military sports activities

l   Implementing preferential treatment to demobilized servicemen

n   General Office


l   Doing routine work of the Division and managing student files