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1.      General Information:

The Security Office of CUEB is a functional department that provides security services to teaching and research in the university. Under the leadership of CUEB Party Committee and the guidance of superior public and national security authorities, the Security Office is committed to safeguarding political stability, campus order, internal safety and information confidentiality. Following CUEB Party Committee’s instruction of “Campus safety is the ultimate responsibility, and life and property are of paramount importance”, the Security Office has been approaching its work with the following guidelines—“taking both preventive and responsive measures with emphasis on the former”, “combining the efforts of both professionals and the masses, and encouraging public participation in preventive and responsive work”. The Office is devoted to facilitating teaching and research by creating a safe campus environment and serving the faculty and students with its best efforts.


2.      Main responsibilities:

l  Carrying out all the policy decisions on safety and security suggested by the Party and nation. According to relevant laws and regulations, building and perfecting the regulations and policies of campus safety and security administration.

l  Organizing all the students, teachers and staff to learn national laws, national security, political stable maintaining and safety and security. Enhancing the sense of awareness of law and national security and safety precaution. Preventing and reducing illegal criminal activities as well as improving the abilities of defense and self-saving.

l  Carrying out investigations on the condition of enemy, political opponent and social information. Focusing on the hot issues and the insecurity factors, which will affect the order, safety and stability in campus. Taking strict precautions against percolation, instigation and damage of hostile forces both at home and abroad, illegal religious forces and the ethnic separatist forces toward campus. Dealing with all kinds of insecurity events and emergency and giving assistance to Ministry of State Security and public security organization to stop illegal behavior endangering the State Security.

l  Taking comprehensive measures to maintain safety in the campus, meanwhile, to make safety and security responsibility system and safety technique for precaution practicable among the campus. Preventing the occurrence of stealing, damaging, fire danger and security disasters.

l  According to relevant stipulations, the security department manages to deal with the one who broke the order of campus security and mediates general civil disputes, eliminates and weakens all kinds of insecurity factors over and maintains the stability on campus.

l  Investigating and dealing with the general political, secure and criminal case as well as the traffic and fire disasters in accordance with law. Reporting the serious political, secure and criminal cases, fire dangers and disasters and traffic accident to national security department and public security organization. Providing assistant to public security organization to reconnaissance at criminal scene, to identify disability and to investigate and manage on all kinds of cases and events.

l  Providing assistant to the public security organization to keep eye on the one who executes a sentence outside prison yet under surveillance, release on parole, and stay sentence of punishment or put under surveillance. Supervising, observing and educating the one who posts a bail and awaits trial with strict liberty of moving and who is out of the institution forundergoing education through labor.         

l  Taking charge of the propaganda, education and administration of fire prevention and traffic safety.

l  Taking part in comprehensive control of public security organized by the local government.

l  Taking charge of the administration of collective registered residence and the safety administration and education towards lodgers who engaged in labor force or business in this campus and floating population.

l  Managing to guide the Guard and the work of fire and theft prevention supervising room.

l  Accomplishing other tasks assigned by the school leadership and other superiors.

3.      Contact us:

Tel: +86-10-83952237

E-mail: bwc@cueb.edu.cn