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Retirees Affairs Office

The Division of Retirement was set up in December 2000 when the former Division of Senior Cadres and Office of Retirement (under the Division of Personnel) were merged during the university’s management system reform. Guided by CUEB Leading Group for Senior Cadres, the Division is charged with:

l   Devising CUEB retirement work plans, regulations and implementation opinions according to national laws and regulations

l   Managing and providing services to retired staff members

l   Ensuring retirees their legitimate political and life benefits

l   Channeling difficulties and advices of the retired to the university in a timely manner

l   Assisting the university in addressing retirees’ difficulties

While making initiating efforts, the Division works together with General Party Branch of Retired Cadres, schools/departments, affiliated institutions, Committee of Caring for the Next Generation, Association of Senior Educators and Retired Staff Management Committee. As of September 31th, 2012, there have been 1,430 retirees, including 106 honorably retired veteran cadres and 1,324 regular retired staff members.

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E-mail: ltx@cueb.edu.cn