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Development Planning Division

The mission of the Development Planning Division is to study the status quo, developmental patterns and trends of higher education at home and abroad, thus laying groundwork for its strategic studies on the mid- and long-term development of CUEB. Its responsibilities include but not limited to the following:  

l   Drafting, demonstrating and finalizing mid- and long-term development plans and annual development frameworks, including discipline development and campus planning schemes 

l   Organizing schools and departments to devise mid- and long-term discipline development plans and overseeing their implementation

l   Putting forward plans and suggestions regarding discipline reform and developmentstudying and planning to upgrade the structure of CUEB’s school-and-department system

l Studying trends in discipline development of domestic and overseas universities and publishing Discipline Development Bulletin when needed so as to enable informed decisions by university leaders, schools, departments as well as related administrative divisions.

Contact us:

Tel: +86-10-83952298 

E-mail: guihua@cueb.edu.cn