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Academic Affairs Office

1. General Information:

The Academic Affairs Office of CUEB is the administrative organization of undergraduate students and college students and undertakes the work of administrating, implementing and constructing of the undergraduate and college student teaching. It also takes charge of the enrollment, management of registration, major construction, curriculum construction, various exams, practical teaching, teaching research, the establishment of Lab, teaching quality surveillance and other works.

Enrollment Office, the Experiment Center of Economics and Administration, Teaching Surveillance Expert Group belongs to Academic Affairs Office

2. Main Responsibilities:

l  Making plan on the teaching part of the education development plan and education and teaching work plan on Undergraduate and College Students (UCS)

l  Making and implementing teaching work regulations

l  Taking charge of UCS major construction, curriculum construction, textbook construction and other construction works

l  Making and revising UCS talent fostering plan, syllabus, and taking charge of approving, implementing and examining

l  Organizing UCS education and teaching research, advancing education and teaching reform

l  Taking charge of UCS teaching evaluation, teaching quality surveillance and inspection

l  Taking charge of appraising a variety of teaching awards

l  Assisting and organizing the work of teaching surveillance expert group

l  Making UCS admission plan and implementing enrollment work

l  Making and implementing teaching calendar and UCS class schedules

l  Taking charge of the arranging of UCS various exams

l  Managing UCS various practice teaching and subject competitions

l  Taking charge of the management of registration

l  Examining bachelor degree conferment qualification and organizing the work of recommendation

l  Making and managing minor subject plan

l  Taking charge of the credit conversion work and managing exchange students, advanced students and auditors affairs

l  Making teaching training plan, teaching staff complementary plan and the measurement and evaluation work of teaching workload with Personnel Division and assisting Personnel Division in the conferment of academic titles

l  Taking charge of the management of exclusive fund

l  Collecting teaching files

l  Accomplishing other tasks assigned by the school leadership and other superiors.

3. Contact Us: 

Tel: +86-10-83952059

E-mail:  jwc@cueb.edu.cn