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Office of Research

The Division of Research is charged with administrative responsibility for all CUEB research and related activities. Specifically, its responsibilities include but not limited to the following:

l   Formulating university-wide research plans and annual schemes according to national policies and CUEB’s disciplinary developments

l   Organizing intra-university, inter-university and international academic dialogues and events

l   Serving research projects in areas such as project application, funds management, phase review, findings appraisal, project closure report and outcome archiving

l   Managing associations, societies and institutes affiliated with the university

l   Compiling and promoting university-wide research findings

l   Verifying faculty’s research workload and managing rewards and penalties accordingly, assisting the Office of Professional Titles (under the Division of Personnel) in technical post employment and evaluation

l   Collecting, analyzing and promoting research information

l   Awarding intra-university outstanding research achievements and applying for extramural research prizes on behalf of the Office of Academic Committee

l   Promoting research findings and managing consultancy and other services to the public

l   Overseeing, reviewing and awarding research management services at schools/departments, divisions and institutes.