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Graduate School

As a functional division subordinated to CUEB Party Committee, the Graduate School has responsibility for a wide variety of graduate-student-related efforts including:

l Carrying out ideological and political education of graduate students

l Fostering Party development among graduate students

l Managing scholarships and fellowships for graduate students

l Administering the admission, education, student records and academic degrees of graduate students

l Coordinating and supervising disciplinary development

l Managing the faculty of graduate student supervisors

The School comprises two divisions, i.e. the Division of Graduate Student Affairs and the Division of Graduate Students, the two of which share the same office space. With a registered staff of 16, the School has six offices, namely, the Office of Administration, the Office of Political Ideology, the Office of Admission and Examination, the Office of Education, the Office of Disciplines and Academic Degrees and the Office of Projects and Achievement

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