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Personnel Office

The Personnel Office basically takes charge of human resource statistics, allocation and integration, development and training, application and management.

Main Responsibilities:

l  Collaborating with departments to achieve the adjustment of functions and to ensure the completion of staffing plans

l  Realizing the construction and management of personnel

l  Realizing the construction and management of administrative cadre below section chief and skilled professionals.  

l  Assisting in the recruitment, test implementation and management of teaching staff below section chief

l  Achieving the management and the title evaluation of all staff members

l  Conducting the building and management for the center of post-doctoral studies

l  Taking charge of wage management and statistical work

l  Managing the special fund for talent education

l  Coordinating the flow of qualified personnel

l  Ensuring the social insurance of staff members

l  Ensuring the welfare of staff members

l  Ensuring the employment of the handicapped

l  Taking charge of the contract management

l  Assisting in collecting and releasing the personnel information and the HR statistics

l  Taking charge of the archival management

l  Taking charge of the running of personnel exchange service center

l  Assisting OTA in achieving relevant work

l  Accomplishing other tasks assigned by other superiors

Contact us:

E-mail: rsc@cueb.edu.cn