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Division of Financial Administration

CUEB’s Division of Financial Administration is in charge of the university’s financial management, accounting and internal audit. It is dedicated to supporting the teaching and research missions of CUEB by working to ensure compliance with economic & financial laws and regulations; by devising the university’s financial system; by raising funds for the university’s growthby doing revenue & expenditure management and accounting; and by providing financial information to decision-makers. Specifically, its responsibilities are as follows:

Budget planning and implementation

Managing fees, public accumulation funds, allocation for state-backed medical services for students, tax declaration, etc. 

Payment of faculty wages and student scholarships and fellowships

Organizing and archiving accounting documents

Assigning accounting tasks to its subordinates

Currently, the Division is made up of 6 offices with 23 staff members.



*Reimbursement service is mostly provided on the main campus but there is a reimbursement office on the Hongmiao campus also.