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Auditing Office

1. Introduction

The audit office of CUEB is an independent specific section of internal audit, in charge of the internal audit of the revenues and expenditures and the supervision of the main leaders under the leadership of administrative directors. In order to ensure the university reform and development and serve the teachers and students, the audit office carefully implements the law of education, the law of audit and the regulation of internal audit in educational system. Meanwhile, centering on the campus affairs, it also assists in strengthening the financial management and ensuring the campus legitimate rights and better cost-effectiveness, so that the campus reform and development can be smoothly realized.

2. Main Responsibilities

l  Making campus internal audit rules and annual work plan, in accordance with the national audit laws and regulations related to the financial supervision.

l  Auditing the following items according to the decision of the university

l  Financial budget, the execution of budget and final accounts

l  Revenues and expenditures

l  Economic responsibility audit of main leaders

l  Estimate budget of the capital construction and maintenance projects

l  Economic management and benefits

l  The management and the use of fixed assets

l  The management and the use of the funds of every department

l  The implementation of the financial regulations of both the nation and the superior sections

l  The integrity, efficiency and risk management of the internal control system

l  The management and benefits of foreign investments and cooperation projects

l  Assisting campus supervision section in auditing economic cases

l  Making investigation and research on the key economic activities and the efficiency of educational funds

l  Offering instructions and information on audit for the university and relevant departments

l  Dealing with the daily work and the propaganda, education and training of audit regulations

l  Accomplishing other audit work assigned by the superior.

3. Contact Us

Tel: +86-10-83952164/2129

E-mail: sjc@cueb.edu.cn