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Office of Cooperation Affairs

1.      General Introduction

As the bridge of alumni and their alma mater, the platform of collecting resources, the ribbon linking to the external worOCA and the window of public image of the university, Office of Cooperation Affairs (OCA) is an administrative department of Capital University of Economics and Business, which is in charge of work concerning connections of university board and alumni, receiving donations and managing funds and expanding cooperation and communication with the public. Its main responsibilities are as follows: to deepen and broaden ways of raising funds; to gather all possible national and international resources for the development of university and alumni.

Alumni office is subordinated to Office of Cooperation Affairs.

2.      Functional features

l  To implement the directions, decisions and policies of CUEB on external work.

l  To study and formulate policies and regulations of OCA as well as collect relevant information.

l  To diversify the channels of cooperation and communication with the public; to practice investigation, research and communication proactively; to perform connection, cooperation and co-construction in various forms.

l  To put forward and develop inter-university or inter-college collaborative relations; to take charge of the liaison and coordination for cooperative education and exchange programs.

l  To regulate and administrate donations from society uniformly, organize and oversee the practice of the projects based on that.

l  To search for more social resources and organize activities to raise funds in support of the development of the university.

l  To undertake the alumni-related work; to help and collaborate with relevant departments and attached offices to conduct activities.

l  To fully and effectively mobilize alumni on raising educational funds according to the university needs, cooperate with relevant departments; to oversee well services related to alumni.

l  To cooperate with other departments and carry out horizontal cooperation with enterprises, closely tied up with local economy.

l  To carry out other work assigned by university.

3.      Contact us

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