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Li Xiao An

Professor Li Xiao’an

Education Background


Research Achievements

Professor Li Xiaoan accomplished two project sponsored by Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Science Planning Project “The legal Effectiveness Research in the Construction of the Legal System, Research on the Legal System of China's Social Credit System”. And other two projects “Establishment of Credit Legal System under the Market Economic System”, “An Economic Law Analysis on the Response to Public Emergency Events” are supported by Legal System Construction and Legal Theory Research Planning Program, Ministry of Justice.


Analysis of the Legal Effect [J]published on Jurisprudence of China.

Establishment of Public Security Emergency Response System, Four Lever System to Establish Credit Management System [J]published on People’s Daily (theoretical edition).

Legal Protection of Residential [J]published on Guangming Daily (theoretical edition).

Credit Regulation Theory, Credit Application Guide [M], published by Peking University Press

The Credit road - Research on China Credit Comprehensive Management [M], published by Economic Management Press.

An Economic Law Analysis on the Response to Public Emergency Events [M], published by Capital University of Economics and Business Press.

In addition, Professor Li, Xiaoan had published more than 50 theses in CSSCI magazines, core periodicals, professional journals, e.g.: Law, Law Science Magazine, Political Science and Law, Journal of Beijing Administrative College. His major articles were reprinted by People’s Daily Online, Photocopy Resources of Renmin University of China. As an expert of jurisprudence, he devoted to the practice of legal system constructions, participated in the expert verification of Marin Functional Area Law, Administrative Permit Law, and Price Law. Meanwhile, he took part in CCTV program “Topic in Focus”, Hunan Cable TV program “Wealth China” as expert comments. He is the legal adviser for Fengtai district government, Beijing Municipal, evaluation expert of financial performance for Beijing Municipal government. The teaching reform program he directed is “The Reform and Tentative Approach to Legal Talents Cultivation Model” which is supported by Beijing Municipal Commission of Higher Education. He also undertook some teaching reform major programs in CUEB. His teaching achievements were published in China University Teaching (CSSCI), Journal of Shanxi University( higher education edition), edited by Legal Education Supervisory Committee and Sichuan University Publishing House. Problems and Solutions—Research on China Legal Education Reform was published by Legal Higher Education Research.


Prestigious Teacher in Beijing,

Outstanding Teacher in Beijing,

Scholar of the “Hundred People Project” of Beijing Social Science Theory Talents,

Key Teacher in Beijing,

Distinguished Teacher in CUEB,

Organizational Affiliation

Member of the Law of the Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education,

Evaluation expert of National Social Science Foundation project,

Evaluation expert of National Social Science Foundation project achievement,

Evaluation expert of National High-Quality Courses,

Evaluation expert of National Teaching Experimental Base,

Evaluation expert of National Distinguished Teacher,

Evaluation expert of Beijing Philosophical and Social Science Achievements,

Vice president of the Beijing Jurisprudence Society,

Trustee of Beijing Law Society,

Standing trustee of the Beijing Environmental Resources Law Society,

Legal adviser of Fengtai District Government.