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Liu Guan Jun

Professor Liu Guanjun

Professor, Doctoral Students Adviser, Dean of the School of Marxism.

Education background

Bachelor of Education, Qufu Normal University;

Master of Philosophy, Central China Normal University;

Ph.D., Shanxi University.

Main courses

Basic Principles of Marxism; Introduction Dialectics of Nature.

Main research fields

Science--Economy study, Marx Science-society Thought Study and Its Times Research.

Major social work

Vice-chairman of National Teachers Das Kapital Research,

Council Members of Scientific Innovation Committee of the Chinese Society for Dialectics of Nature

Standing Trustee of Natural Dialectics Research Association of Shandong Province

Standing Trustee of the Shandong Institute of Management

Trustee of the Shandong Economics Association.

Research Achievements

Professor Liu Guanjun has been responsible for 15 projects sponsored by the National Social Science Foundation, Humanities and Social Sciences Planning Project of the Ministry of Education, Social Science Planning Project of Shandong Province, and the Technology Development Program (soft science) of Shandong Province. More than 190 theses were published in journals like China Soft Science, Philosophical Research, Scientific Research, Studies in Dialectics of Nature, Studies on Marxism and Journal of Dialectics of Nature, among which 70 papers were reprinted in Xinhua Digest, Guangming Daily, Social Sciences Weekly and Copied Resources of Renmin University of China. He has a total of 11 major publications including the books Marxist Labour Theory of Value into a New Era, Research on Labor Theory of Value of Modern Science and Technology, as well as the textbooks and anthologies A New Course of Political Economy, Scientific Thinking Methodology, ‘Das Kapital’ and China's Economic and Scientific Development. He worked separately or as the leading researcher on 10 projects supported by the Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award of Shandong Province, wherein he won 4 second prizes and 6 third prizes. His thesis was recognized as Shanxi Province Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation. He has won 23 Soft Science Excellence Achievement Awards in Shandong Province, as well as Outstanding Scientific Achievement Award for colleges and universities in Shandong Province.

Academic Achievements

Professor Liu Guanjun has a long-term commitment to interdisciplinary study; taking technology as a core, combining economics, philosophy, management, sociology, methodology, and many other fields based on the guidance of Marxism principles. In the field of academic theory, he create a " scientific value library " theory, modern science and technology labor theory of value, labor capitalization theory, methodology of scientific thinking, the essence of human systems theory, system theory of causality, "social field" theory, and philosophical solution to science problems. Currently he is engaged in the research of Marx "economic- scientific" thought and the development of theory.

In July 1995, he was invited formally to participate in the Second Youth Academic Conference of China Association for Science and Technology. During the conference, Comrade Jiang Zemin (president and general secretary of the party at the time) and Hu Jintao as well as other state and party leaders met with the delegates and posed for pictures. The paper On the Contradiction of the Privacy and Sociality of Science and Technology Work he presented was selected by the Conference and collected into the Conference proceedings. The above article was recognized as “providing a theoretical basis for national policy decision” by the expert committee of the conference.