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  • A Discipline Development Overview

    The discipline of Statistics in our university was originally established in 1962. It was determined as Brand discipline for Specialty construction in 2005 and obtained the right of Degree-conferring for Master and Ph.D. in 1986 and 2006 respectively. As Beijing and National characteristic specialty, Statistics was rated as Beijing level-1 key discipline in 2012.

  • B Faculty and Students

    School of Statistics is staffed with faculty members of 59 full-time teachers in total, including 10 professors, 24 associate professors, 5 doctoral supervisors on regular payroll, 6 guess professors and 8 specially-appointed professors, as well as many external supervisors from government organizations, enterprises and companies etc. There are currently 15 Ph.D. students and over one hundred master and M.Phil. students. It is aimed at training students to possess excellent statistics foundation, to grasp basic theory and methodology of statistics and economics, and to apply computing skills in processing data in order to be highly qualified professionals in statistical investment, information management and analysis to work in education, research and industry.

  • C Discipline Development Overview

    In the last five years, School of statistics undertook about 150 scientific research projects. Among these projects, there are18 national level projects and 56 provincial or ministry level projects. Besides, academic papers have amounted to over 170, published in the academic journals such as , , < Statistical Research>, etc. Also, School of statistics obtained many awards for research or teaching at or above provincial level. The main research directions involved in statistical theory , macroeconomic system analysis, complex data analysis, sampling survey, data mining, etc.