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Applied Economics
  • Discipline Development Overview

    Applied Economics is a first class discipline under the field of Economics. In the discipline list of the Ministry of Education, Applied Economics covers 10 second class disciplines including National Economics, Regional Economics, Public Finance, Finance, Industrial Economics, International Trade, Labor Economics, Socio-Economic Statistics, Quantitative Economicsand National Defense Economics. Applied Economics is a Key Discipline of Beijing, and Labor Economics is a State level Key Discipline. Based on the discipline advantages and the social needs, another two second class disciplines, i.e. Human Resource Development and Economics of Growth, have been established in the past few years; another second class cross discipline for the Economics of Law, was also established. As a Key Discipline of Beijing and a first class discipline, Applied Economics was approved to confer doctoral degrees in 2006, and the Applied Economics postdoctoral research station has been set up as well. With the highest academic standards, this CUEB discipline enjoys a good reputation. In the latest discipline ranking of the Ministry of Education, the discipline of Applied Economics ranked 12th.

  • B Faculty and Students

    The teaching staff of Applied Economics is highly qualified. At present, there are 58 professors, 77 associate professors, among them 34 doctoral supervisors, 109 master tutors. There are 2 state level teaching teams and 4 Beijing excellent teaching teams, accounting for 1/4 of the total teaching members of the discipline. During the past few years, 18 Beijing academic innovation teams have been approved. Of all the teaching members of this discipline, 7 members enjoy the state council special allowance, one was named a state level famous teacher, 6 were awarded Beijing famous teachers, two were selected to be new century talents of the Ministry of Education, 3 were selected for the Beijing new century talents project, 11 were chosen as Beijing high level talents and outstanding innovation talents, 2 were awarded Beijing excellent teachers. More than 50 teaching members of the whole teaching staff hold positions as vice chairmen, executive directors and directors, etc.

  • C Discipline Development Overview

    The research capability of the discipline of Applied Economics is quite strong, and fruitful results have also been achieved. During the past 3 years, 59 research projects supported by the National Social Science Foundation and National Natural Science Foundation have been approved. 3 projects including Professor Zhang Liancheng’sA Study on the Relation of Smooth and Rapid Development of Economics, Adjustment of Economic Structure, and Management of Inflation Expectations, Professor Wang Wenju’sA Study on China’s Carbon Market Maturity, Market Mechanism Improvementand Environment Supervision Policy were approved to be the National Social Science FoundationMajor projects. The teaching members of the discipline of Applied Economics have published 91 monographs; 1114 academic papers, among which 25 papers were published in some international famous journals, 143 papers in domestic authoritative journals; 23 studies have received provincial and ministerial-level awards. Tilburg University in Netherlands ranks the universities and research institutes globally each year according to the number of academic papers published in 35 first class economic management journals. In 2013, Capital University of Economics and Business and Chinese Academy of Sciences were tied for 9th. Furthermore, Applied Economics in CUEB undertakes 17 state level educating and teaching programs.

  • D Projects, Funds, and Laboratories

    The China Economic Growth and Business Cycle Forum co-hosted by CUEB and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences has become a high profile forum in the field of economics. Until 2014, this forum has been successfully held 8 times. The Annual ChineseCity Life Quality Index (CCLQI) which is released by National Institute for Economic Experimentation that is co-established CUEB and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences has become very influential in China, and has been used by many cities as a reference to improve the quality of life of the local residents. Some international organizations such as the World Bank havealso paid attention toCCLQI.

  • E Future Plans and Construction Aims

    As far as talent training is concerned, the discipline of Applied Economics has conferred doctorates to 187 Ph.D. candidates and master degrees to 2618 master students over the past decade. During the past 3 years, 35 Ph.D. candidates have been nominated for the National Excellent 100 Doctoral Dissertation Program Prize, the National Contest of Maths Models Prize, and the National Challenge Cup Prize. 3 doctoral dissertations have been awarded Beijing Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Prize.

    The Discipline of Applied Economics in CUEB is a fairly international program for a domestic university. So far it has established comprehensive cooperation relationships with over 30 universities abroad, and has set up a state level Economics International Talent Training Experiment Area, Beijing Economics International Innovation Talent Training Experiment Area, and Beijing University Sino-foreign Cooperative Graduate EducationBaseunder the approval of the Ministry of Education and Beijing.Annually more than 10 master students would participate in various kinds of international exchange activities. In 2011, CUEB was entrusted by the Ministry of Education to conduct a Ph.D. program wherein the doctoral students would be enrolled from around the globe and be trained to command English as their future working language. This program now recruits Ph.Ds.starting from 2011, and 8 international students have been conferred doctorates, 53 students have been conferred master degrees.