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An Introduction to Accounting
  • A Discipline Development Overview

    The School of Accounting is responsible for advancing the accounting discipline at the Capital University of Economics and Business. At present they confer severaldegrees, including a Ph.D. in Accounting, Master of Accounting, Master of Professional Accounting, and Masterof Auditing. The School of Accounting now provides three programs for undergraduates includingAccounting, Certified Public Accountant, and International Accounting. Every year, the School of Accounting enrolls 6 Doctoral students for the Ph.D. in Accounting program, over 40 postgraduate students for the Master of Accounting program, over 60 postgraduates for the Master of Professional Accounting program, more than 40 postgraduates for the Master of Auditing program, and more than 180 undergraduates. Altogether, there are about 1100 students enrolled in the School of Accounting.

  • B Faculty and Students

    In 2013, the CPA major was the first to receive an “A ranking” among 19 colleges and universities nationwide that provide aCPA program. In 2012, 8 major courses and bachelor programs obtained certification from the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants andCPAAustralia. The talent education and teaching base co-established by the School of Accounting and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu was approved as one of the Beijing offcampus education and teaching bases for college students in 2012, and was approved as a state-level offcampus education and teaching base for college students in 2013.

  • C Discipline Development Overview

    At present, there are 56 full-time teachers, among them 12 professors, 34 associate professors, and 10 lecturers. 60% of these teachers have a doctorate, or are now studying for aPh.D.; 1 of them is a recipient ofthe special allowance from the Beijing Municipal Government, 2 are Famous Teachers of Beijing, 3 are the standby leading talents of the Ministry of Finance, 1 is the chairman of the professional boardof the Accounting Society of China, 2 serve as vice chairman, and 3 are members of this board.

  • D Projects, Funds, and Laboratories

    For years the entrance exam scores of new Accounting Program students remain at the top among among all incoming students.The employment rate for soon to be and and new graduates is 100%, over 99% of the graduates and 90% postgraduates find work upon graduation. The quality of employment of the graduates ranks first place for the whole university.

  • E Future Plans and Construction Aims

    Over the past 5 years, many research projects have been approved, including 10 state-level scientific research projects, 1 major project funded by the Ministry of Finance, 15 provincial and ministeriallevel projects, and 5 projects funded by Beijing Educational Committee. 17 research projects have won awards, among which there is 1 first prize and 1 third prize awarded by the Ministry of Treasury; 2 third prizes from the university; and 13 other bureau level prizes.

    The main research teams and their research directions includea teamled by Professor Fu Lei which is studying the modern history of Chinese accounting; a team led by Professor Yang Shizhong and Professor Cui Yeguang is working on environmental accounting; a team led by Professor Wang Ping is concentrating on financial theory; and a team led by Professor Luan Fuguiis researching bankruptcy financing and accounting.