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Business Management
  • A Discipline Development Overview

    The major of business management in the Capital University of Economics and Business was established in 1964. From 1963, the university began to enroll undergraduates in business management, and to enroll postgraduates starting in 1979. In 1986, this discipline was approved to confer a master’s degree in the field ofindustrial economy,and to confer doctorate in business managementand Master of Business Administration in 2003. In 2006, this discipline again was approved to confer Master of Business Administration as a first class discipline. In 2008, it was approved to be one of the Key Disciplines of Beijing.

  • B Faculty and Students

    At present, there are 45 teaching members within this discipline, among them 15 professors, 23 associate professors, 7 lecturers. One of the staff is a member of business management subject consultative group of State Council Academic Degree Committee, as well as a member of Business ManagementTeaching Advisory Committee under the Ministry of Education; five of them enjoy the special allowance of the State Council; one is awarded the title of an outstanding teacher of China; one is awarded the title of a model teacher of China; one is chosen for the New Century Talents Project of China; one is the Beijing expert with outstanding contributions; two are discipline leaders of Beijing institutions of higher learning; three are chosen tojoin the Beijing cross-century social science theory one-hundred talent project; one was awarded the title of Beijing excellent young intellectual; two are Beijing outstanding teachers, seven are awarded the title of Beijing excellent young teachers, and one the title of Beijing middle-aged outstanding teacher.

  • C Discipline Development Overview

    To invigorate the its education and training programs, this discipline has recruited one member from the Great Scholar Program, one Beijing distinguished professor, one member from the high-level talent personnel of universities and colleges of Beijing, one from the toppersonnel of universities and colleges in Beijing, one academic innovation talent of Beijing, and two academic innovation teams of Beijing.

  • D Projects, Funds, and Laboratories

    After years of efforts, great progress has been made within this discipline in terms of discipline construction and scientific research. At present there are 5 research orientations,business organization and corporategovernance, enterprise strategy and cluster management, marketing and brand management, human resource management, enterprise reform and corporate restructuring.

    (1) Business Organization and Corporate Governance:This research orientation focuses on the studies on basic theories, enterprise theories, corporate governance mechanisms, enterprise operation systems, organizational change of enterprise organization. Many research projects have been carried out and finished within this discipline, including 3 projects supported by National Social Science Foundation, several provincial and ministeriallevel projects, and some important projects supported by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. Accordingly, this research orientation has formed its own outstanding features and strength in many respects, including state-owned assets management system reform, enterprise organization theory, enterprise system, etc., and thus exerts great academic and social influence.The discipline leader, Professor Gao Chuang enjoys high academic reputation in the academic communities.

    (2) Enterprise Reform and Corporate Restructuring:This research orientation keeps up with the frontiers of enterprise reform of China, and studies the reform and development of monopoly enterprises in China through the methods of modern industrial organization. The discipline leaders, Professor Qi Yudong and Professor Wu Shaoping, are very influential in enterprise reform studies in China. In recent years, many research projects have been carried out, including 1 major project and 1 ordinary project supported by national social science foundation, 5 provincial and ministeriallevel projects supported by Natural Science Foundation of Beijing, etc. Manyacademic works have been published, which have not only attracted a lot of attention fromcentral party leaders. Furthermore, the research results published in these works have also been applied in some national reforms of the infrastructure like telecom and electricity.Professor Qi Yudong has been invited to join price policy consultative expert group of the National Development and Reform Commissionand theexamining and revising experts committee for theAnti-monopoly Law of People's Republic of China.

    (3) Enterprise Strategy and Cluster Management:This research orientation has accomplished some benchmark achievements in the strategic managementfrontier field of business startups strategy, industrial cluster, etc. and has exerted some influence in the academic communities and the society. There are over 20 research projects being carried out at present, including one project supported by Natural Science Foundation of China, one by National Social Science Foundation of China, 2 Philosophy and Social Science Projects of Beijing, one Natural Science Project of Beijing, and several projects supported by the Ministry of Education, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, etc. More than 20 monographs and textbooks, and over 60 papers(13 papers in core journals, 3 in authoritative journals) have been published.The teaching staff have also won second prize of philology and social science excellent achievement award of Beijing. This research orientation has formed researchstrength in business startups strategy, industrial cluster theories, and has been very influential in related academic fields. The discipline leaders, Professor ZouZhaoxi and Professor Zhang Yinghong enjoy high academic reputation in the academic communities.

    (4) Marketing and Brand Management:This research orientation has accomplished abundant results in several aspects like customer behavior, service marketing,retail management and marketing, etc. and formed its own distinctive features. The studies on public relations are quite influential at home. In recent years, several research projects have been approved, including one project supported by the National Social Science Foundation of China, and many other projects of different levels. The teaching staff has also been undertaking a lot of entrusted projects, keeping up to date onenterprise practices, thus has been quite influential in the business circles.The discipline leaders, Professor Zhang Mengxia and Professor Chen Liping enjoy high academic reputation in the academic communities.

    (5) Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management:This research orientation mainly focuses on organization micromanagement, especially emphasizes the importance of practice, i.e. the tactical studies and application of human resource, and thus has formed its own features. In recent years, 7 researchprovincial and ministeriallevel projects have been approved and finished; more than 20 papers have been published in some authoritative journals and core journals. These research results have provided consulting plans for some enterprises, and exerted substantial influence in the industry. The discipline leaders, Professor Wu Dongmei and Professor Zhao Huijun enjoy high reputation in the academic communities.

    During the 12th five-year-plan period, 21 state level projects have been approved within the key discipline of Business Management, among which 9 projects that are supported by the Natural Science Foundation of China, one major project and one ordinary project are supported by the National Social Science Foundation.

    During the 12th five-year-plan period, many papers have been published in journals indexed by SCI and SSCI, or some internationally important journals, such as Journal of International Consumer Marketing, Thunderbird International Business Review, etc. Over 200 papers have been published in some authoritative journals and core journals, like Management World, China Industrial Economics, ActaPsychologicaSinica, Academic Monthly, Reform, and Economic Management Journal, etc. A Collection of Papers by Young and Middle-aged Scholars in School of Business Management(Volume 1) and 63 academic works have been published.

    During the 12thFive-yearPlan period, the teaching staff of this discipline has won4 awards of the 12th Beijing Philosophy and Social Science Excellent Achievement Prize (1 first prize, 3 second prizes), 2 awards of the 4th Jiang Yiwei Enterprise Reform and Development Prize, one award of the Outstanding Achievement of Scientific Research of CUEB. Two members of the faculty have won the title of Research Model of CUEB, and two have been awarded the Research Project Outstanding Contribution Prize of CUEB.