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Administration Management
  • A Discipline Development Overview

    The discipline of Administration Management in CUEB originated from the discipline of Industry and Commerce Administration, which was established in 1981. Later in 1998, this discipline was expanded to Administration Management according to the disciplinary planning of Education Ministry, which brought about historical changes to the development of the discipline. Through 30 years of unremitting efforts, the educational ideas of Administration Management have been consistentlyoptimized; operational levelsincreased; disciplinary features highlighted; schooling horizons broadened. Accordingly,the academic levels of the discipline have been enhanced rapidly. In 2000, Administration Management became the first one among the universities and colleges subordinated to the government of Beijing that was granted to confer Master’s degree. In 2008, this discipline was approved to be the first Key Construction Discipline in Beijing. In 2010, Master of Public Administration (MPA) which is based on Administration Management was approved to confer Master’s degree. As a first class discipline, Public Administration being approved of the Master-degree conferral right proved that the discipline of Public Administration with Administration Management as the core, has realized a comprehensive subject category and a complete course system. Since then, this discipline has gradually earned reputation and influence both in educational and in academic communities, and ranks high among academies of finance and economics in China.

    Along with the disciplinary planning and arrangement,as well as the teaching staff being strengthened, international and high level academic activities have been constantly carried out. Combining the traditional advantages with the features of current historical period, the discipline of Administration Management is now rebuilding the past glory gradually and achieving development rapidly, which has aroused the attention and support of the peers from the academic community.Consequently, the confidence and determination of the faculty is greatly inspired.

  • B Faculty and Students

    The teaching staff of this discipline has the following characteristics, the number of the teachers is stable; the teachers’ specialties differentiate sensibly; the teachers’ seniority and experience vary from each other reasonably; they are all well-qualified in research and teaching, which heralds a promising prospect of the future of this team. Now there are 10 full-time teachers, among them 7 are doctors, 6 have overseas educational background. There are 2 professors, 4 associate professors, 2 lecturers, 6 postgraduate tutors, 2 standby discipline academic leaders, and 3 outstanding young teachers. During the past 30 years, this discipline has trained nearly 10,000 middle and high ranking management personnel, among them more than 230 people have master degrees. A group of excellent graduates are now serving as department level, bureau level, and section level cadres in the government.

  • C Discipline Development Overview

    Several research orientations such as Industry & Commerce Administration and Market Supervision, Government Management and Administrative Reform, Human Resource Management in Public Sectors, have been formed within the discipline. These research orientations have gained excellent educational and socialeffect, and developed their own features. Firstly, these research orientations are highly professional. Originated from the industrial and commercial administrative department, Administration Management combines economics, administration and law-enforcement in regard to subject construction and discipline development. Secondly, these research orientations enjoy profound academic resources. Based on the history of this discipline, the resources of this university as an academy of finance and economics, and the relations established through the social service by these subjects, a special feature has been gradually formed, i.e., Economical Administration. Thirdly, a large number of talents have been trained. The graduates are now in various lines of work, and because of their competence and qualification, most of them have accomplished great achievement. Fourthly, the school-running levels have been steadily improved.

  • D Projects, Funds, and Laboratories

    Equal attention has been ly paid to teaching and research within the discipline. On the principle of research serving teaching and economic development of the capital, the teaching and research environment has been constantly optimized, and substantial achievements have been made. In recent years, 4 state-level research projects, 2 provincial and ministerial level projects have been approved and more than 20 projects have been entrusted by various government departments. 8 monographs and edited books, and 2 textbooks have been finished. Over 30 high level papers have been published in international academic journals and domestic authoritative journals and core journals such as Chinese Public Administration, People’s Tribune, Journal of China National School of Administration, and Proceedings of International Conference on Public Administration, etc.,and more than 40 papers have been published in general journals. There are one digital city laboratory and city crisis management laboratory and three intern and practice bases. In order to internationalize the Administration Management education, the Capital University of Economics and Business has reached agreement on joint training with Purdue University in Indiana, Kean University in New Jersey and other famous universities and colleges.

  • E Future Plans and Construction Aims

    The development prospect of this discipline would still be based on specialty and strength. The specialty of the discipline would be further intensified, and the academic influence would be expanded. Moreover, greater efforts would be made to make Administration Management one of the key disciplines of Beijing. On the basis of the Master program of Public Administration as a first class discipline being approved, doctoral programs of Administration Management and Public Administration would be applied. The resource advantages would be made good use to provide more internship and practice opportunities for students, and to train the students to be international talents. With the pragmatic and innovative spirit, the discipline of Administration Management would be built to be a more popular and famous discipline with more distinctive features, more tremendous strength, more diverse educational levels, and higher academic levels. The graduates would be more competent, and the academic communication would be further expanded.