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Economic Law
  • A Discipline Development Overview

    The major of economic law in the School of Law was establishedin 1983. From 1984, the School of Law began to recruit undergraduates, which makes the University of Economics and Business one of the first universities and colleges approved to establish the major of economic law among all the academies of finance and economics nationwide. In 1993, the School of Law was approved to confer Master of Economic Law Degree. During the past decades, scholars like Professor Dai Fengqi and Shen Wenhui have made important contributions to the development of this discipline.

  • B Faculty and Students

    In 2001, the discipline of Economic Law was approved to be one of the Key Construction Disciplines of Beijing. After several years this discipline now enjoys a good reputation in the academic community, and a large number of famous scholars have emerged in the economic law circle. At present, there are 3 professors, 3 associate professors, and 5 lecturers; many of the teaching members are graduates of well-known universities, or havse attended as visiting scholars; many of them also hold leadership positions like chairman, vice-chairman, secretary generaland executive member in academic societies such as the Chinese Society of International Economic Law, China Association for Fiscal and Tax Law, China Law Society Social Law Studies Institute, Beijing Economic Law Society, Beijing Environment Protection Law Society, Beijing Consumers' Rights and Interests Protection Law Society, etc.

  • C Discipline Development Overview

    The postgraduate programs in economic law have been in operation for the past 20 years. These graduates from the master’s program are working in various walks of life, including government agencies like the Public Security Bureau, the justice system, the procuratorate, and other working units like law firms, big state-owned enterprises, and banks. They are widely praised working hard and to the best of their potential.

  • D Projects, Funds, and Laboratories

    The major research orientations within the discipline of economic law include Basic Theories of Economic Law, Competition Law, Fiscal and Tax Law and Environmental Law, etc. Economic law is the first postgraduate program for aMaster of Laws in the School of Law, and is also one of the Key Construction Disciplines of Beijing. With the advantages of the schools of finance and economics, this discipline trains senior talented law professionals in the field of economic law. The faculty of this discipline is very enthusiastic about the scientific research. Many projects such as the Philosophy and Social Science Projects of Beijing have been approved and supported by the National Social Science Foundation, the Ministry of Justice, and Beijing Social Science Fund. The teaching staff has also been undertaking many other entrusted projects, with a fund of about 1.5 million RMB. Furthermore, more than 200 papers and 30 academic monographs have been published.

  • E Future Plans and Construction Aims

    Based on the requirements of the construction of socialist market economy and legal system, as well as the study, teaching and practice of law, the discipline of economic law will be aimed at cultivating application-oriented and versatile talents that command solid theories, broad knowledge,certain research capacity, that meet the demand of the social development of the 21st century.