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1.    General Information

School of Law of CUEB was first founded in 1983 as one of the departments that were approved among the national universities of finance and economics. In 1984, it began to recruit undergraduates, and in 1988, it started to enroll the postgraduates majoring in economic law which was authorized the key construction project in Beijing in 2001. Now, it has the conferring right of the primary discipline master’s degree and Juries master degree. Among the six main disciplines, the law, which is highly focused on, occupies an important position, thus acting as a supporting role for the overall development of the school.

Relying on the professional advantage of the University of Finance and Economics, the major of law emphasized on its combination with economics and management since its establishment. And it is committed to cultivating practical and interdisciplinary talents. Moreover, the number of law major graduates has reached over 3000. So far, there are 652 students, among whom 444 are undergraduates, 208 are postgraduates. With great efforts, the law talent cultivation has achieved a significant progress.

2.   Specialities

The School of Law of CUEB has legal right to grant law master’s degree of first level discipline. Up to now, it has set up five second-level disciplines, including economic law, civil and commercial law, international law, administrative law, and jurisprudence law. Among them, economical law is Beijing’s key discipline. The law major has degree-conferring right for law masters (law or non law), and at the same time it can recruit doctoral students of legal economics. Law Department relies on financial disciplines, such as economics and management science. Besides, it focuses on interdisciplinary research and highlights the mutual support and operation of economics, management and law so as to foster interdisciplinary talents who have knowledge of law, economy and management. Furthermore, it attaches importance to linking theory with practice and broadening international perspective. And the unique cultivation mechanism of practical and interdisciplinary talents has come into being.

3.    Faculty  

The School of Law has a reasonable team of teachers. It has 36 full-time teachersamong whom six are professors and fourteen are associate professors. More than 80% of them are doctors and PhD candidates. Professor Li xiaoan and Mi xinli are named as Beijing Distinguished Teachers. A lot of teachers hold positions in some important academic organizations. And more than 80% of the teachers have working experience as lawyers, legal advisors of government and enterprise, arbitrators and jurors. Meanwhile Law Department has employed 44 extramural tutors from the court, prosecutor’s office, government agencies, law firms, enterprises and institutions to create a comprehensive teaching staff for the training of practical talents.

4.    Teaching

The School of Law actively carried out teaching mode reform, updating teaching content and improving the teaching methods. So the teaching quality was enhanced. It achieved a great success. So far, the School of Law has two Beijing Distinguished Teachers, two Beijing Excellent Teachers and nine Young Backbone Teachers. CUEB has many outstanding college teachers. It also has a number of teachers who win in the young teachers’ teaching contest held in Beijing or among schools. The School of Law has one textbook named as the Ministry of Justice’s excellent teaching material, one awarded Beijing’s excellent constructive teaching material and two awarded school’s excellent constructive teaching materials. Besides, the law professional teachers have published many pieces of academic articles on the improvement of teaching. What’s more, they have published one monograph of education and teaching Capital Law Teaching Research. Some projects of teaching reform were approved. 

Scientific research

School of Law has strong research ability. Over these years, the teachers have completed a number of scientific research projects of National Social Science Fund, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Justice, and the Ministry of Agriculture. They have also accomplished ten scientific research projects entrusted by China Law School, the Education Commission of Beijing, relevant ministries of the State Council, enterprises and institutions.

In recent years, the teachers from the School of Law have published a number of monographs and textbooks. Hundreds of papers and journals written by them are published in People’s Daily (theory edition), Contemporary Law Science, Politics and Law and other professional journals. Many academic achievements are adopted by the legislature and the government. One scientific research achievement obtained the first prize of Beijing’s philosophical and social science. And a number of scientific achievements obtained other provincial awards.

5.   International exchange

The School of Law has signed a joint training protocol with Temple University Law School in America and Deakin University in Australia. It sends students abroad to learn every year in Boston University, Temple University, North Carolina State University, Park University, Taiwan Providence University and so on. The School of Law highlights teachers’ international communication. So far, there are a total of nineteen teachers who have overseas background or have visited other countries for learning. It also brings in one double- track talent. At the same time, teachers are sent yearly to visit schools in other countries or to study for a degree. They are also encouraged to carry out international exchanges and to participate in international conferences.

6.   College life

The students of the School of Law have a tight logical mind, keen perspective, solid professional knowledge, sense of social responsibility and a high moral quality. They achieve good results in professional field and other related fields. They made some excellent research achievements in college students’ research creativity projects. Some even published papers during the time. After year’s efforts, the quality of the students of the School of Law has been recognized by the society and the employment rate remains high.

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