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School of Statistics

The statistics subject of CUEB, one of the earliest subjects set up in Beijing, was first founded in 1962. Two years later, the department of statistics was established, while in 1986 it was renamed the department of statistics and had the conferment right of professional master degree. In 1996, CUEB department of statistics was founded and began to enroll the doctorial students of quantitative economics and macro-economic system analysis in 1998. In 2005 the department enrolled the undergraduate students of the major of probability and mathematical statistics, and in the same year, it became Beijing Brand Specialty Construction Subject. In 2006, the school of statistics was established and had the conferment right of the doctorial degree of statistics. After two years, the school of statistics was evaluated as the national specific major and Beijing specific major and was allowed to enroll the undergraduate student of applied mathematics major (financial mathematics direction). In 2010, the school had the conferment right of the master degree of applied statistics. Next year, the major of statistics was evaluated as the primary discipline doctorial program. And in 2012, the center for post-doctoral studies was founded and the school was evaluated as Beijing primary key discipline.

The School of Statistics consists of three teaching departments, namely, the Dept. of Financial Mathematics, the Dept. of Mathematical Statistics and the Dept. of Social Economy Statistics; four research centers, namely, digital investigation center, information mathematics research center, statistics and mathematics model laboratory and China CCI center. In 2011, the four centers developed into Social Computing Research Institute, including Social Economy Investigation Center, Cloud Computing Research Center, Data Mining Research Center and Economy Simulation Laboratory. The School offers four undergraduate majors: mathematics and applied mathematics (financial mathematics), statistics, applied statistics, economic statistics, and it also has the conferment rights of the doctorial degree of statistics and the master degree of applied statistics and statistics.

Now, the School of Statistics has 44 professional teachers, of whom 29 are Ph.D; 7 full professors, of whom 4 are Ph.D and 3 are advisers for doctorial students; 18 associate professors, of whom 10 are Ph.D; 19 lecturers, of whom 15 are Ph.D (including doctor students). In addition, a number of teachers work as leader in national academic associations, specially invited researcher in national government and research organizations and part-time professor of the universities both at home and abroad. The School also has 5 external advisers for doctorial students, 4 overseas guest professors and 4 domestic lecture professors.

With the development of the internationalization, the School of Statistics has established a long-term relationship with the universities and academic institutes in USA, Sweden, Taiwan and Hong Kong etc. so as to provide more academic exchanges for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. In recent years, nearly one third of the graduates work in the field of finance, insurance and information; one third works in government and state-owned companies; and one third go on studying both at home and abroad.