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Overseas Chinese College

The Overseas Chinese College upholds its dual purposes of  training excellent Chinese leaders and good world citizens. Using its educational characteristics and advantages of bringing high-quality international education to China, the College provides the conditions necessary to train innovative leaders with a global awareness thorough an internationalized educational model.

The Overseas Chinese College offers two undergraduate majors in the fields of business management (international accounting) as well as information management and information systems (financial informational management)that are taught in English, this unique educational model is the College’s most distinctive characteristic.

On the basis of studying professional undergraduate knowledge in English, and through credentials and certifications, overseas internships, and academic exchanges, graduates are in an advantageous position both for employment and continued study, for the past four years in a row its graduates have maintained the highest employment rate for any department in the entire university.


Cooperation Programs

ACCA British CPA China district cooperation education center and test center

The first CIMA Department of the Royal Chartered Institute of management accountants Authorized Education Center and test center in China

Microsoft IT Institute of global cooperation

ORACLE College of Education

CFA certified financial analyst certificate experimental class

Overseas Chinese College encourages each student to pursue overseas internship experience or study abroad experience during their senior year, excellent students have gone to the the United States, Britain, Canada, Hong Kong, Macao and colleges and universities elsewhere for exchange programs.


1.         History of the College

The Overseas Chinese College is one of the first schools to begin training international leaders in China, it is also the only school to conduct all course instruction in English. Over the past 30 years of development, the Overseas Chinese College has upheld its educational purposes of “giving back” and maintaining “independent academics, useful academics, training excellent Chinese leaders and world citizens.”, vigorously promotes and attracts excellent educational resources from abroad, and has begun wide ranging cooperation with schools and universities from America, England, Canada and Australia, making breakthroughs in the areas of teacher and student exchanges and overseas internships. It has trained multitalented leaders with excellent command over the English language, professional strengths, well-rounded character and a global awareness. 



2.        Layout of the College

The College is located within the main campus of CUEB, and has established departments of English, Economic Management, Information Management, the British Royal Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) education center and testing site,  the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) China regional cooperation center and testing site, Microsoft IT School Global Cooperation Department, Oracle education department, CFA registered financial analyst center and student affairs office, registration office, international cooperation programs office, and academic guidance center. The College has built excellent facilities such as the library, computing center, multimedia center, academic report hall and auditorium, etc.


3.        The Overseas Chinese College utilizes high-quality university education resources, advanced curriculum designs, professional teaching materials, advanced educational models and internationally accredited certification courses, and issues students academic credit. The college offers the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) China regional cooperation center and testing site, Microsoft IT School Global Cooperation Department, Oracle education department, and at the same time offers a CFA registered financial analyst accreditation class. Students from the Overseas Chinese College gain management knowledge, accounting skills and information technology skills, financial management knowledge, and through professional courses taught in English master the professional knowledge that is needed by society, gain the ability to communicate with the world, and obtain the relevant international  qualifications and certificates. For many years, high quality graduates have been favored by national enterprises and institutions, the IT industry, as well as the financial securities and other industries. Especially in today’s globalized world, our graduates who can compete in competitive foreign employment markets, be hired by all kinds of foreign enterprises, multinational corporations, and continue their studies at home and abroad have earned a positive response from companies all over the world.


4.        Faculty

The Overseas Chinese College through innovative ideas, aggressive leadership and an elite team of Chinese overseas return scholars and foreign university teachers with excellent command of foreign language, culture, professional course textbooks and advanced teaching methods guarantee that the all English curriculum is a success.


5.        Academic and research achievements

The Overseas Chinese College has maintained the highest employment rate in the university  for first time job applicants over the past four years, for which the quality of employment is also high. Out of the graduates, approximately 30% have chosen intensive MA degrees, and approximately 40% have moved on to global top 50 universities to continue their studies, with the percentage of graduates going on to continued study abroad being one of the highest out of all university departments. 20% of the College students are offered employment by international accounting firms and other employers 2 semesters before the official completion of their coursework.

The College’s English education environment provides a good environment for the training of international, multitalented students. The College has initiated vigorous academic reforms, working hard to open coursework that is relevant for professional and international development, and combines practical theory with skills training. Professional coursework designs have been gradually adjusted and developed to meet the objective needs of social and economic development. The Overseas Chinese College has a strong tradition of “bringing international education to China” through the instructor management and student work, implementing the instruction mentoring system, and full-time counselors night supervision system.

Over the past several years, the Overseas Chinese College students have won top prize across many university English competitions. At the 2012 and 2014 university business Olympics (CIMA business elite international competition), the College won the regional championship for northern China; in the challenge cup Beijing university students’ extracurricular academic competition, the College won third prize for natural sciences, the the only CUEB team to win a natural sciences award.

Overseas Chinese College students have entered the national top ten for CIMA accreditation and certification; earned excellent grades for the global ACCA accreditation and certification exam, with 50% able to pass the first 9 tests for ACCA by their second year; many students past the first 14 ACCA tests by their third year, becoming ACCA associate members

Overseas Chinese Students consistently rank first in the university for level four English exams.

The College has been ranked at the top for  of volunteering, interview competitions, Beijing municipal advanced classes, Beijing city red flag League branch, student insurance research, scientific research and innovation, subject competitions and other competitions.



6.International Talent Training Characteristics

Overseas Chinese School has created a full Englishundergraduate education program in a domestic university that is very unique, and it has vowed to realized international personnel training, systematically introduce higher education systemsfrom western developed countries, high-quality educational resources and advanced teaching models, curricula, teaching materials, and foreign teacher training systems, and improve the education evaluation system.

The college currently carries out instructor and academic exchanges with the UK, the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, and Macao and other countries and regions ,and recruits foreign and overseas Chinese scholars as visiting professors from Hong Kong and Macao.Each year is sends a delegation to visit the United States, Canada, Hong Kong and Macao to open up new cooperation projects, and learn from international educational institutions.

The College encourages each student, during of four years at the university to at least go abroad once for internship or exchange, and has established the office of international cooperation projects, each year recommending outstanding students to  travel to the United States, Britain, Hong Kong and Macao, and other universities to study.Each year more than 2  university students receive a tuition free opportunity to study abroad. Some of the of the students in the experimental class in the third third year will go abroad for exchange, can be directly enrolled in intensive MA curricula. At the same time foreign universities have begun dual degree programs, including BA and MA programs joint degrees. The college’s motto for training international talent is : “earn foreign scholarships, earn domestic and foreign dual degrees, be a good world citizen, make a contribution to China”.




The College each year sends students to Hong Kong companies, at the same time it has established an employment training base , and with the Hong Kong Chinese Youth Exchange Center, Beijing foreign Enterprise Service Group, Neusoft group, CIMA, ACCA and Dongfang Ruitong member enterprises, provides training courses and employment recommendation for students, using project results as the basis for graduation theses so that students have a purpose, and the confidence to leave the campus to better serve the community and realize their self worth.


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