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School of Marxism Studies

The School of Marxism Studies is the educational department for ideology and political theory, as well as theoretical research in the field of Marxism Studies. It is responsible for the ideological and political theory curriculum, instruction, research, service and management, as well as the academic and team development and training. CUEB’s School of Marxism Studies was officially founded in April of 2011. Its predecessor was the School of Humanities Founded in December of 2002.

The School of Marxism Studies includes the research institute for basic Marxist principles, research institute for the Sinicization of Marxism Studies, the research institute for modern and contemporary Chinese history, the research institute for moral ideology and legal foundations, research institute for current affairs and policy, research institute for psychological health education, the center for practical education, the administrative office, and the Marxism Academic Journal editorial department. The School of Marxism is responsible for the ideological and political theory education for the entire BA and MA student body, primarily teaching “Basic Principles of Marxism, “Overview of Mao Zedong Thought and Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics”, “Modern and Contemporary Chinese History”, “Moral Ideology and and Legal Foundations”, “Current Affairs and Policy”, “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics Theory and Practice” “Marxism and Socialism Research Methodologies”, while also taking up responsibilities for the instruction of many elective courses such as psychology, history, Chinese traditional culture, economics, and contemporary world economics and politics.

The School of Marxism Studies is home to approximately 38 instructors, including 11 professors and special professors, or 28.9% of the total; 18 assistant professors, of 47.4% of the total; 9 lecturers, of 23.7% of the total; 9 PhDs, or 23.7% of the total; 17 MAs, or 44.7% of the total.  Six have been honored as core professors and leading academicians of Beijing, and three entered the social science theory talent “Hundred People Project”. In recent years, the school created a top-tier MA site for Marxist theory, and 4 second-tier MA sites for the basic principles of Marxism, ideology and political thought, the Sinicization of Marxism, and modern and contemporary Chinese history, graduating more than 60 research students.

Over recent years, the School has published a series of research on the topics of Marxist theory, ideology and political education, harmonious society, humanities in Beijing, Chinese dream, and the three self confidences, some of which have been used as the basis for policy making at the municipal and national level. To increase the School’s academic development and research capabilities, the School has jointly created the Marxism Academic Journal and Marxism Education and Research Archives, while periodically holding the Academic Report Month” and “High-level Academic Lectures” events. Over the past 5 years, it has undertaken 3 projects for the National Social Science Fund, 6 Projects at the provincial level, and 7 projects for the Beijing municipal education commission and other government organs. Over the past three years, professors have published 50 papers in core journals. 

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