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School of International Education

School of International Education is an educational school developed to adapt to the continuous internationalization needs of the university, it is built on the foundation of the Foreign Affairs Department of the Beijing Institute of Economics, created in 1987. It’s main responsibilities are the admission and training of foreign exchange students for the whole university, as well as the day to day management of the Confucius Institute.

School of  International Education currently employs 30 instructors, including 20 full time instructors, with 7 holding PhDs. The educational background and specializations of the instructors are appropriate, with most having graduated from well-known domestic universities, and most have experience studying overseas. The entire teaching faculty has a strong work ethic, make daring contributions, care about the lives and studies of the exchange students, earning the respect and love of all exchange students.

After many years of hard work on behalf of the faculty, School of  International Education has developed a multidisciplinary training and educational system for exchange students including BA, MA, PhD,  high-level and normal visiting scholar, language, and short term students. Majors offered include economics, management, among 34 undergraduate majors; 39 MA majors; and 12 PhD majors. Programs include Chinese, intensive study programs,  exchange programs, and professional classes,  a BA degree taught in Chinese, an MA degree in applied economics taught in English, PhD in economics taught in English, as well as one-on-one classes and short term group programs among other specialized programs. To encourage exchange students to study Chinese better, School of  International Education teaching school of Chinese of as a foreign language publishes the textbooks Reading and Expression, Practice and Writing, and Chinese Business Writing. Currently more than 700 exchange students from more than 70 countries and regions enroll annually, with alumni spread all over the world in important positions in the economics and trade areas, becoming a strong bridge for communication between China and the world.

School of  International Education has actively participated in the university’s work to develop the Confucius Institute at Cleveland State University. Using the Confucius Institute as a platform, the two universities have advanced deep cooperation in the areas of research, education, and student and professor exchanges, and has begun unique curriculum development. Cleveland State University Confucius Institute has an excellent reputation, holding many community cultural event annually to the delight of the local residents.

As the school has developed it has placed increasing importance on improving the living conditions of the exchange students, providing scholarships for excellent students and aid for students in need. The exchange students’ dormitory facilities and dining halls have been continuously improved, with a wide range of materials available in the fully equipped library. There are the International Culture Festival and many other activities for exchange students. Chinese government scholarships, Beijing municipal government scholarships, and CUEB scholarships provide a complete study assistance system for exchange students. 

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