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Teachers and Students from School of Safety and Environmental Engineering Participate in 2018 Work Safety Outreach Activities Hosted by CAWS Aerospace Branch

Author:Translated by Zhang Juan,Proofread by Li Bing Editor:Wan Chenfang Publish:2018-06-11 Size:TTT

On June 6th, the aerospace industry work safety debate was held in Bei’anhe Campus of work safety training center of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Limited(CASIC). Teachers and students from the School of Safety and Environmental Engineering were invited to participate in various activities, including the debate contest and symposium, and volunteers from the School contributed to the organization of the activities.

Mei Heran, Zhang Yu, Yang Moyou and Li Zixiao, undergraduates from the School competed with the team from Beijing Institute of Technology in the debate contest. With the theme of “For work safety, safety awareness improvement or safety technology promotion?”, CUEB delegation stood on the side of “safety awareness improvement”. Under the guidance of Li Yuanyuan, teacher from the School, and Liu Shaoxiong, captain of the debate team, the contestants were well prepared and rehearsed before the contest. CUEB delegation clarified their view from several aspects, including “work safety problems can be prevented by improving safety awareness at national level, more comprehensive work safety problems can be solved by improving safety awareness rather than promoting safety technology which only focuses on solving a single problem.

Finally, Cai Dan, team leader as well as the Vice Party Secretary of the School of Safety and Environmental Engineering, and the director of work safety of CASIC awarded the best debaters, including Zhang Yu, the second debater of CUEB delegation.

Chen Wenying, Vice Dean of the School of Safety and Environmental Engineering, was invited to participate in the symposium on the future of work safety of aerospace industry in the era of “Industry 4.0”, which was held in the afternoon on June 6th. She made a report about “The Research of System Safety Assessment Model and Its Application in Spacecraft Assembly.

Moreover, 4 students from the School of Safety and Environmental Engineering volunteered in the outreach activities.

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