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CUEB Ranks 64th in RUC 2016 Annual Journal Reprint Index

Author:Translated by Liang Jue, proofread by Hua Zexun Editor:Liang Jue Publish:2017-04-06 Size:TTT
On March 28th,Renmin University of China (RUC) Humanities and Social Sciences Academic Achievement Evaluation Research Center, in cooperation with Information Center for Social Sciences, officially released the 2016 Annual Journal Reprint Index. Chinese education and research institutes were ranked on the basis of data of their employees’ papers reprinted by nearly 100 academic journals in 2016. According to the ranking, CUEB came 64th of 650 universities.

It is reported that the ranking list and research reports provide objective data and information of great value, and, to some extent, reflect the classification, layout, level, changes, development situation and etc. of Chinese humanities and social sciences journals and academic research institutes. The ranking has been closely followed by the periodicals community, teaching and research institutes and humanities and social science scholars.

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