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Number of Papers Published by CUEB Law School Tops Beijing Municipal Universities in 2016

Author:Translated by Liang Jue,Proofread by Hua Zexun Editor:Yang Jun Publish:2017-05-08 Size:TTT

According to the latest statistics of the China Law Society, CUEB Law School published 10 papers in CLSCI (Chinese Legal Core Scientific Research Evaluation Source Journalin 2016 and made a historic breakthrough for ranking 31st in nearly 700 law schools nationwide and ranking1st among Beijing municipal universities. In addition, in the 2016 China high-yielding authors ranking for CLSIC, CUEB Law Professor Yu Zhong and Associate Professor He Jinqian ranked among the top, with Yu Zhongin the3rd place nationwide.

The above-mentioned achievement not only comes from the implementation of CUEB scientific research polices, but also is closely related to the solid research management of Law School. In recent years, CUEB Law School has made great endeavors increating a favorable scientific researchclimate, buildingresearch strength and improving research quality. In view of the different characteristics and needs of faculties, the Law School has kept improving the incentive mechanism of internal scientific research,launching various school-level subsidy projects and landing a numberof high-end scientific research projects. As a result, it has published a number of important scientific researches. At present, the scientific research atmosphere of Law Schoolhas become increasingly strong, scientific research quality has been upgraded, and the social influence of scientific research has been gradually promoted. In the future, Law School will continue with its two-pronged approach promoting both teaching and scientific research, and strive to promote discipline development, talent training, education and teaching, scientific research and other sorts of work, with an expectation to achieve better results with renewed momentum.

The full name of CLSCI (China Legal Science Citation Index) is China Legal Core Scientific Research Evaluation Source Journal. It is the journal catalogue developed by China Law Society to analyze statistically papers published on important legal core journals by Chinese law institutions and individuals from 2010.

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