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20 CUEB Projects Award by 2017 National Social Science Fund

Author:Translated by Liang Jue,Proofread by Li Bing Editor:Yang Jun Publish:2017-07-07 Size:TTT

According to the recently released annual review of the 2017 National Social Science Fund of China, 20 projects from CUEB were approved, including 4 key projects, 8 general projects and 8 youth projects, which covered theoretical economy, applied economics, management, statistics, law, political science, sociology and so on.

In recent years, CUEB leadership has attached great importance to the application for National Social Science Found projects. Research institutes and schools were actively engaged with careful plan in advance and rounds of proof and revision. After series of assessment, CUEB’s 20 projects were approved for funding, including 4 key projects,20% of the total. The achievement indicated that overall research strength of CUEB’s teachers has improved a lot. There were 8 youth projects, accounting for 40% of the total. The high percentage showcased the effect of the university’s efforts in nourishing emerging disciplinary pioneers and young-and-middle-aged backbone teachers.

2017 is the key year of implementing the“13th Five-Year Plan”, and the crucial year for CUEB to speed up the construction of "domestically first-class, internationally renowned" business and financial university. The success in application this year is a huge incentive to keep the momentum going in the coming year. 

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