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CUEB Recognized as B&R National Talents Training Base in Beijing

Author:Translated by Dong Li, Proofread by Li Bing Editor:Yang Jun Publish:2017-09-18 Size:TTT

Beijing Municipal Education Commission conducted appraisal work on the Belt and Road National Talents Training Base Project in Beijing, involving 91 institutions of higher education in Beijing. After fierce competition, CUEB’s project “Belt and Road Training Base for Economic and Management Talents”, was voted by experts as one of the first 26 the Belt and Road National Talents Training Bases in Beijing.

Co-founded by Beijing Municipal Education Commission and Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau, the project aims to build no less than 30 bases within 3 years, expecting to attract as many as 900 post graduates, doctoral candidates, and post-doctors, as well as more than 1,800 advanced trainees along the Belt and Road to study and communicate in Beijing. Through this project, academic advantages of general institutions of higher learning and vocational colleges will be incorporated to help various industries and businesses to build a strong global presence, training more professionals for China and other countries along the Belt and Road.

In recent years, we have officially partnered with 24 institutions of higher learning for better cooperation and exchanges along the Belt and Road. The institutions are based in Malaysia, Thailand, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Mozambique. Today, more than 90 students are studying in our university for their degrees from countries in Middle-East Europe, ASEAN, etc. In total, CUEB has graduated 528 students from countries along the routes.

As one of the first bases, building on its academic advantages and cooperation foundation with institutions of higher learning along the routes, CUEB will start to recruit outstanding overseas students with master’s or doctoral degrees, strengthen pedagogical training for teachers as well as academic research cooperation. It will set up specialized courses in English featuring cross-cultural business management, international trade, finance, etc., and courses in traditional Chinese culture. Moreover, we are committed to building a complete training system for Belt and Road students, as well as making CUEB a training base for economic and management personnel with global reputation.

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