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4th Financial Risk Summit Forum / China Financial Risk Report 2016 Blue Book Launch Held in Beijing

Author:Translated by Zhang HX, Proofread by Liang Jue Editor:Yang Jun Publish:2016-12-19 Size:TTT
On December 1st, the 4th Financial Risk Summit Forum and China Financial Risk Report 2016 Blue Book Conference was held in Beijing. It was sponsored by CUEB and the Institute of Finance and Banking (IFB) under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), and organized by CUEB Institute of Financial Risk Research and School of Finance. As a high-level academic exchange event in China's financial risks research community, this conference focused on hot issues of financial risks in China and offered in-depth analysis of the core and difficult issues of financial risks, so as to promote the development of CUEB financial discipline and serve the building of national think tanks.

Present at the forum were Feng Pei, secretary of the Party Committee of CUEB, Xu Fang, vice president of CUEB, Edmond Alphandéry, former French Minister of Economy, president of Engie Strategy Committee of GDF Suez and European Chief Adviser of Nomura Securities, ZengKanglin, honorary director of Chinese Finance Research Institute of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics and director of Academic Committee of Institute of Financial Risks Research, Zhan Xiangyang, director of ICBC Research Institute of Finance and general secretary of China Urban Financial Society, Wu Qing, deputy director of  Research Institute of Finance of Development Research Center of the State Council.

Feng Pei reviewed and summarized the achievements CUEB Institute of Financial Risks Research made in the past year. Since November 2015, the Institute had published 19 books and a total of 59 papers, including one in international A-level journals, 8 in authoritative B-level journals, 25 in core journals. It also applied for 25 various vertical research projects at all levels, including 10 national, 11 provincial and 4 bureau-level projects. These achievements not only contributed to an enhanced financial discipline at CUEB, but also provided important support for the government's decision-making.

Xu Fang announced the launch of China Financial Risk Report 2016 blue book at the forum, and briefly introduced its structure. Yin Zhichao, dean of CUEB School of Finance, introduced the main contents of the blue book. He pointed out that the book consisted of two parts. The first part comprised 9 research reports on study of China’s financial risks at macro and micro levels; the second part compiled 7 high-level academic papers that researchers published in domestic and foreign authoritative journals last year. Specifically, the research reports explored China’s macro and micro level financial risks from international and domestic perspectives. From the international perspective, the reports focused on five aspects: China's international capital flow risks, global stock market performanceand risks, inspiration from the experience of Japanese Yen to the internationalization of RMB under the new SDR framework, correlation of financial indicators in the down cycle of oil price, monetary policies and subject risks of financial market. From the domestic perspective, the reports focused on issues related to asset allocation risks in China, asset quality of commercial banks, risks of China's stock market and equity derivative market, and risks and preventions of China's equity-based crowd-funding.

After the launch of the blue book, scholars conducted heated and profound discussions on the views and arguments of the blue book at the subsequent financial risks summit forum.

Edmond Alphandéry indicated that the Eurosis was rooted in the fact that the member states of the Eurozone had full sovereignty over their financial policies and did not form a real alliance. He then argued that Japan's liquidity trap is not applicable to China through a comparison of economic data between China and Japan.

The Institute of Financial Risks Research was jointly founded by CUEB School of Finance and IFB,CASS.The first financial risks summit forum was held in April, 2013, the second in November, 2014, and the third in November, 2015. In 2014, the China Financial Risk Report was released for the first time.

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