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Accounting and Finance in CUEB Enlisted in the First Batch of First Class Disciplines

Author:Translated by Dong Li,Proofread by Li Bing Editor: Publish:2017-12-25 Size:TTT

Recently, the list of first class disciplines among educational institutions administered by the Beijing Municipality was announced by Beijing Municipal Education Commission. Concentrations of Accounting and Finance in CUEB made the list.

The undergraduate enrollment of the accounting program began in 1964. After more than five decades of development, the profound history and solid academic groundwork have made the accounting a Beijing Distinctive Program. The program provides degree education for bachelors, masters (Master of Professional Accounting and Master of Accounting), and PhD candidates. It is also home to a post-doctoral study center. With adequate resources and facilities for teaching and learning, as well as an off-campus national talent cultivation base, by the end of 2016, the accounting program had graduated no less than 7,000 well-rounded graduates, making its own contribution to national economic growth.

The first batch of the finance undergraduates was enrolled in 1978. The School of Finance was authorized to offer postgraduate and doctorate degree programs in 1996 and 2006, respectively. Meanwhile, among those educational institutions administered by the Beijing Municipality, CUEB is the only university offering doctorate degrees in finance. The major was recognized as a Beijing Distinctive Major in 2008, and five years later, post-doctoral candidates in finance were received. Thus, the full-fledged financial discipline will help build first class programs. Furthermore, the School has fostered a plethora of well-rounded financial professionals for the country, winning wide acclaim at home and abroad in the financial sector. 

In line with Notification on 2017 First Class Programs Selection among Educational Institutions Administered by the Beijing Municipality (Jingjiaogao [2017] No.1) issued by Beijing Municipal Education Commission, CUEB conducted application and recommendation for first-class concentrations. 

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