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Delegation of College of Urban Affairs of Cleveland State University Visits CUEB

Author:Translated by Wang Qi,Proofread by Li Bing Editor:Wan Chenfang Publish:2018-04-02 Size:TTT

On March 19th, Fu Zhifeng, President of CUEB met with Prof. Roland Anglin, Dean of College of Urban Affairs, and Prof. Bob Gleeson, Assistant Dean of College of Urban Affairs of Cleveland State University. The two sides held a comprehensive discussion on further cooperation and academic exchange.

In the meeting, Fu Zhifeng extended warm welcome to the two deans and reviewed the exchange programs and cooperation between the two universities. The two sides held a discussion on future cooperation. The two universities expressed strong wish for further cooperation and promised to create more favorable policies, promoting the students exchange programs and teachers visiting.

Afterwards, Zhang Guoshan, Dean of School of Urban Economy and Public Administration, Wang Deqi, Party Secretary of the School, and representatives of from various schools discussed about cooperation with the deans of Cleveland State University. The meeting was presided over by Huang Liwei, Deputy Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Department.

The two sides introduced the relevant information of the schools, colleges, majors, and disciplines. Negotiation was also made on “2+1+1” and “3+2” exchange programs for undergraduates and postgraduates and other programs for doctoral students. The talk focused on the credit transfer, enrollment requirements, student slots, tuition fees, starting and ending time, etc. The two sides further talked about research cooperation for teachers between the two universities. Finally, the two sides also discussed about the teachers of Cleveland State University to be sent out for International Summer School.

In the afternoon, Prof. Roland Anglin and Prof. Bob Gleeson gave lectures in Lecture Hall No. One in Boyuan Building.

Prof. Bob Gleeson introduced the progress of College of Urban Affairs on the theme “Levin College of Urban Affairs Research Programs Review”.

 Prof. Roland Anglin made a speech on the topic of “The Development of American Community: Past and Present”.

In the evening, Prof. Roland Anglin and Prof. Bob Gleeson were invited to the exchange program briefing for the freshmen.

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