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CUEB Alumni Association Assessed by CBAC on Site

Author:Translated by Xin Yue,Proofread by Li Bing Editor:Wan Chenfang Publish:2019-01-02 Size:TTT

Dec. 26th saw CUEB Alumni Association go through an on-site assessment by experts from the Capacity Building Assessment Center (CBAC), as Beijing municipal social organizations were being evaluated by third parties in the primary stage. CUEB Alumni Association received a high appraisal from the panel for the work and internal governance in recent years and accepted suggestions of improvement.    

During the assessment, Vice President of CUEB Ding Lihong, on behalf of the President of CUEB and Alumni Association Chairperson Fu Zhifeng, expressed his gratitude to the panel from CBAC. Ding highlighted the rapid growth, since CUEB Alumni Association first got a 3A in 2013’s evaluation, in the institutional, cultural and secondary organizational building and the efforts in its due responsibilities including scientific research on universities and personnel nurturing, in which CUEB leadership and alumni played a supportive role. Ding also noted that the evaluation offers a great chance for us to promote the building and reform of the association, since we are willing to embrace more suggestions from the experts based on their comprehensive observation and survey.

Zhao Xiling, Vice Chairperson and Secretary-General of CUEB Alumni Association, made a report on four aspects of the association, namely its development story, departments, major achievements since 2016 and a three-year future plan.


CBAC Deputy Director Zhang Lingge, Evaluator Liu Tianshu and Assessor Lv Xudong listened to the report. Afterwards, they assessed the working environment and reviewed relevant documentation of work and finance in the past two years. In addition, they asked information from related staff based on what they had surveyed.

The panel was deeply impressed by the innovative way of working and the down-to-the-earth spirit of service. The experts also spoke highly of the work in terms of performance, internal governance, financial management and Party building. Valuable advice on member-management and mid- and long-term plan was also offered.


Wang Lei, Legal Representative and Vice President of CUEB Alumni Association, emphasized the significance of the panel’s suggestion in building our capacity, hoping to see a more standardized alumni association through further contact with experts. Vice President of the association Yang Shan and all the staff attended the on-site assessment.

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