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CUEB School of Law Receives Delegation of Administration of Justice,Mississippi College

Author:Translated by Chen Shuyi,Proofread by Liang Jue Editor:Yang Jun Publish:2017-06-06 Size:TTT

On May 25th, CUEB School of Law met with delegation of Administration of Justice, Mississippi College. Richard Meyer, professor of the administration, led the delegation of 20 students.

Zhang Shijun, vice dean of CUEB School of Law exchanged opinions with Professor Richard Meyeron faculty visits and summer courses.The two sides had a themed discussion on “Contrast and Comparison of Civil Laws Between China and the US” in Meeting Room 213, Bona Building. Wang Yi’ou, Secretary of the School Communist Youth League extended welcome to MC’s students to China. She then introduced their fruitful development achieved this year and proposed further cooperation with MC Administration of Justice on faculty exchanges and academic research.

School of Law students Liu Tianxin, Fan Xiaoshuang and Yuan Yuan introduced General Principles of the Civil Law, Tort Law and Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China respectively. After students from MC had a general picture of Chinese Civil Law, they sketched US jurisdiction of courts, Contract Law and Tort Law.

Professor Richard Meyer summarized students’ presentations. He reminded students of differences between US and Chinese students in ways of thinking as the US students started from procedural law while Chinese students from substantive law. Wang Yi’ou pointed out the disparity between Chinese Collegiate Court System and US Jury System as well as the function of judicial Interpretationin civil trials in China, facilitating students’ understanding of legal diversities. Students then further exchange ideas.


Afterwards, students from CUEB staged shows and had games with American peers featuring Chinese traditional culture, including classical Chinese dance, Hancostume show, paper-cutting and calligraphy. With these activities, US students had a taste of Chinese culture.

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