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CUEB Party Secretary Feng Pei Invited to Comment on TV Program Reform & Opening-up: Game-changing Move

Author:Translated by Xin Yue,Proofread by Li Bing Editor:Wan Chenfang Publish:2018-12-24 Size:TTT

At the invitation of the Theoretical Bureau of Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China, the Publicity Department of Beijing Committee of the Communist Party of China and Beijing Media Network, the serial TV program Reform & Opening-up: Game-changing Move came to an end lately. This TV program, by BTV show Archives , is to celebrate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up by popularizing major political theories and events since 1978. Feng Pei, CUEB Party Secretary, was invited by BTV to comment on and recommend the TV program while it was on the air.    

Links to the videos

BTV Good Morning Beijing interviews Feng Pei

BTV Beijing NEWS interviews Feng Pei


Through the eyes of young people, the TV program, in celebration of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up, presents China’s significant achievements and profound changes made possible by the Chinese people of all ethnic groups under the leadership of the CPC in the wake of reform and opening-up and the 18th CPC National Congress. In the interview by BTV, Feng mentioned the correctness in our path and the CPC leadership. “On top of all that, CPC is leading the Chinese people to a promising future.” Feng noted, “despite the hardship on the road ahead, now high on our agenda is to make clear what kind of spirit, state of mind, faith and commitment we should have along the path that already has been proven right by the past four decades. I think that is the most enlightening part of the TV program.”

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